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I still have a few to go to round out the collection, but it's not bad so far.       (Bottom picture - left to right)  Tricker's for Herring's, Alfred Sargent, Tricker's, Alden, Tricker's for Norse, Cheaney for RRL, Tricker's, Tricker's, Tricker's for Herring's.
Up for sale is a great pair of Epaulet x Alden boots.  They are in like new condition (I purchased them from another SF user who wore them once, and I tried them on once).  Unfortunately they are a 1/2 size too small for me.  Please let me know if you have any questions.   I'm looking to recoup most of the purchase price, so I would like $475/shipped (North America only) paid via PayPal.  I am open to offers or trades for the same boot in a larger...
For sale or trade is a wonderful pair of Tricker's for Herring Steeple boots.  I've worn these twice to the office and they are about a half size too big for me.  They are size 9UK fitting 5 (medium), and are on the 4444 last.    Items included: Boots Original shoebox Tricker's polish Dust cloth Boot bags
Love these. So much nicer looking than Aldens IMO.
I have the Fat Herbie and love it.  Can't even feel it compared to my old tri-fold wallet (no lump butt anymore).  This new wallet 'Tony the Ant' looks appealing.    
Thank you.  These are the Lombards. 
My new AS boots.
Code didn't work, or someone has already used it.
I have the Steeple boot and love them.  They are well made and look great.  They do have a much rounder toe than the Hannover though.  
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