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Snagged a couple of nice coats today (both my size):   Oxxford cashmere/silk:         Sartoria Correale by Isaia (apparently new.. buttons hadn't been put on the sleeves?)         And found my first pair of Church's shoes.  Shame they are too small at 8 1/2.  Very little wear on them, but they are made in Italy.. Trying to decide if they are pre-Prada or post.  Thoughts?      
My wife and I went out tonight to celebrate our 15th anniversary.  Lots of fun getting gussied up and hitting the town.  What was even more fun was that each of our outfits (minus jewelry) was under $40.     Me:   Ermenegildo Zegna Su Misura Tuxedo Brioni Bowtie / Cummerbund / Pocket square Turnbull & Asser tux shirt Trafalgar suspenders (not pictured) Johnston & Murphy Aristocrat vintage NOS formal shoes (not pictured) Nomos Ludwig wristwatch (not pictured)
Guys, anything in the latest round of IRS rules that affect the way you claim your sales?     I am not incorporated and just started hobby sales last January.  I have kept good records and had planned on just filing profits on Line 21 of the 1040.  Reading more, it looks like the right answer is to use Schedule C, even though I'm not officially a company.  My profits and expenses from last year appear to keep me in the running for a Schedule C EZ, but this year will...
Following up:  I get an email from her to go to mediafire and get a screencap of what appears to be a legit mailing label from me to her with a tracking number.     I'm guessing that either:   1) She has a business that gets much better rates on shipping and wants to save a few bucks. or 2) This is fake...    Suppose I'll check with the USPS to see if they have any way of knowing the validity of the label.
Weird....    I need to avoid women's shoes.     I was selling a couple pair of SF ladies shoes on a whim and they apparently don't sell very well.  They sold for $2.74 + shipping.   I got this response.  Seems weird...   "Hi, please send me invoice of $2.74 only without shipping fee ( just choose local pick up to make shipping 0), , if you need to add small handling fee feel free to do so, I will send you a prepaid shipping label to ship the shoes to me. You just...
 I tried the 70% stuff first and it didn't really work.  Tried Magic Eraser too, then the Krud Kutter.  I'll find some stronger rubbing alcohol and give that a try too.  Thanks!
Had some good luck/fun the past couple of days: A rattlesnake (?) belt from VBARI exotics in Mexico and an alligator wallet from Swank.  Not available (yet).   [[SPOILER]]  Some Salvatore Ferragamo Boots, but the store wrote in sharpie on the bottom, in a spot that won't likely wear..  Tried Krud Kutter Graffiti on it and it hasn't helped a ton.  Maybe a few more uses...   A wireless set of Sennheisers for cheap:   Some assorted cufflinks in sterling or Gold Fill (not...
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