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Nice thrifting day.  Found these at different places in about 2-3 hours.   3 sets of shoes.  Imperial Florsheim Shell and two almost new Hanovers - not familiar with the signature versions.  All 3 are long wings.           Couple of nice suits.  Always love Golden Fleece.       Shell belt from Italy (Brooks Brothers)         And... the reason you still look in those "After 6" and Neil Allyn tuxedos time and time again...      
 I've never felt Vicuna, but I know this can't be camel hair... :)
Found a first time label for me.  Highest quality I've ever come across....             Even though it is 30 years old - this fabric is amazing... I love this thing so much, I may actually lose the 10 pounds I'd need to wear it..         Shell from Brooks Brothers.   Thinking Alden even without the D/B markings for the heel.    
 I recently passed on a Sean Elliott orphan, but it wasn't EZ.. :)
Very interesting high quality shoe.  Inside it says "Principe di Galles" (Prince of Wales) in script and is made in Italy.  The sole appears to be intentionally crafted in 3 dimensions (curvature front to back and curvature left to right).   I thought the nail pattern looked like John Lobb, but this isn't English.   Any thoughts?    
This is a first for me -- I find many of their ties, but never shoes.   Any special name for these?  zippered half-boots?        
 5" wide and just over 15" long.
What is the biggest pair of shoes you ever bought?     Just picked up a size 22 EEE double monkstrap set of crocodiles... They are almost as big as a croc.  I stuffed a pair of pants into one shoe to act as a shoe tree for this photo.  Looks like a nice brand - unfamiliar with them.        
 Hadn't thought of that... I suppose it could be horn/antler of some sort.. I love that you can learn something new from so many different directions around here.. Thanks!
Holy cow.. that's amazing... 44L? :)
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