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This is a first for me -- I find many of their ties, but never shoes.   Any special name for these?  zippered half-boots?        
 5" wide and just over 15" long.
What is the biggest pair of shoes you ever bought?     Just picked up a size 22 EEE double monkstrap set of crocodiles... They are almost as big as a croc.  I stuffed a pair of pants into one shoe to act as a shoe tree for this photo.  Looks like a nice brand - unfamiliar with them.        
 Hadn't thought of that... I suppose it could be horn/antler of some sort.. I love that you can learn something new from so many different directions around here.. Thanks!
Holy cow.. that's amazing... 44L? :)
Hey guys, I have been looking for a nice camel hair sportcoat and came across this (older) Oxxford that fits fantastically.  Only question.. What the heck are these buttons.. Are they original or did someone add them?   Look like cork or wood...      
 Dang.. I hate to see people out there with my measurements..  Tell me you aren't a 40x32 on the pants..  :) My quote was "holy crap" when I saw the photo, so maybe we aren't twins.   Quote:Originally Posted by txwoodworker  The last 2 Brioni I found were Escorial, they said Escorial wool on the content tag and one was that model name.  That's what I was nervous about... Looks like I need to do some more research on when they started putting that on the label, but since...
Hey guys, another authenticity question for you.   I snagged a Brioni Pure Escorial coat, but it doesn't really "feel" like anything better than a normal one.  I am certain it is a real Brioni, but have ya'll run across coats where someone just sewed on an escorial tag?  Does Brioni put anything special on their labels other than 100% Wool on these?  I've not seen a database of fabric numbers before.        
That's what confused me.  I understand mainline for a chunky cashmere sweater, but I'm surprised they would take the time to make a simple windbreaker/jacket.  And the label was bigger than I'm used to seeing.  Appreciate the confirmation!
Hey guys, haven't been out in the field much lately, but had a chance today.  Came across what appears to be a jacket/windbreaker by Loro Piana?  Not used to seeing their label like this.  Plenty of hardware (zippers/buttons/etc.. ) marked as LP.  Legit?      
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