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Had a pretty exciting shoe day today.  Shell Imperial, Newish AE, 2 pair of Aldens, and a weird BB from England.   The BB isn't Alfred Sargent or Crockett & Jones.  Who else made for Brooks Bros from england?   Here's the top view:     Here's the data Left to Right - unusual sizes  
Dang it.. Duped.  How do I delete?
Guys, I have no experience with Bruno Magli.  I've passed on them constantly, but found these - in my size - and wondered how recent the label is?   Never seen the genuine alligator embossed into the sole before.  Glad these aren't worn to the point where I had to wonder.      
I know some of you guys are big into Ralph Lauren Polo.  Is there a special name for this style?  I really dig it.  A little more casual - adjustable waist with buttons and the flap..     
Found some original Calvin Curtis suspenders from 1950.  Absolutely amazing shape.  Trafalgar turned this into a limited edition release later.       Also found some Alden Shell saddle shoes.  Unfortunately, they are 11 narrow - otherwise I'd send them in to Alden to recondition to add to my closet.     Found a few coats - the Zegna is 50/50 cashmere/silk.        And while I don't have anything against Hickey Freeman, I've really not found anything I...
Had a good day - some photos later, but had to leave behind Kiton and recent Isaia because not only for moth holes, but also pants being worn by Mr. Peebody... or Sir Dripalot.  Man, that is frustrating... 
@Fueco, my heart breaks for you and your wife.  I pray your trip will provide you some peace and an opportunity to refresh, communicate and heal.  I'm glad you had a few moments with Daniel.  Thank you for sharing.   - Scott
Nice thrifting day.  Found these at different places in about 2-3 hours.   3 sets of shoes.  Imperial Florsheim Shell and two almost new Hanovers - not familiar with the signature versions.  All 3 are long wings.           Couple of nice suits.  Always love Golden Fleece.       Shell belt from Italy (Brooks Brothers)         And... the reason you still look in those "After 6" and Neil Allyn tuxedos time and time again...      
 I've never felt Vicuna, but I know this can't be camel hair... :)
Found a first time label for me.  Highest quality I've ever come across....             Even though it is 30 years old - this fabric is amazing... I love this thing so much, I may actually lose the 10 pounds I'd need to wear it..         Shell from Brooks Brothers.   Thinking Alden even without the D/B markings for the heel.    
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