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Hey guys, can't find anything on these beautiful captoe shoes.  Translates to 'Prince of Wales' - Made in Italy.   Mean anything to ya'll?      
 Thanks!  I can't say I understand more modern suits.. Do you think it is a suit or a tux?
Nice haul!  I've been watching for Montblanc pens to see how they write, but no dice yet.  The 146 is fountain, correct?
Found a D&G suit today (EU48).  Looks legit - has the holograms.  Is it a suit, or is it a tuxedo?  It has velvet trim on the collar, lapel, and front pocket, plus inside the trouser pockets, but no stripe down the side of the pants.  Buttons are normal, not velveted.     Thoughts?      
Hey guys - any Gucci pros out there?  This is NOT a Gucci town, but I've found a few items of the years.  I found these today and haven't seen this label before -- how ancient is it?   Thanks!      
Snagged a couple of nice coats today (both my size):   Oxxford cashmere/silk:         Sartoria Correale by Isaia (apparently new.. buttons hadn't been put on the sleeves?)         And found my first pair of Church's shoes.  Shame they are too small at 8 1/2.  Very little wear on them, but they are made in Italy.. Trying to decide if they are pre-Prada or post.  Thoughts?      
My wife and I went out tonight to celebrate our 15th anniversary.  Lots of fun getting gussied up and hitting the town.  What was even more fun was that each of our outfits (minus jewelry) was under $40.     Me:   Ermenegildo Zegna Su Misura Tuxedo Brioni Bowtie / Cummerbund / Pocket square Turnbull & Asser tux shirt Trafalgar suspenders (not pictured) Johnston & Murphy Aristocrat vintage NOS formal shoes (not pictured) Nomos Ludwig wristwatch (not pictured)
New Posts  All Forums: