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Hi all,  I'm currently debating between the JCrew LWB or the NRO PTB, both in snuff suede.  I'm looking for something that can be worn on weekends with jeans or khakis - I already have enough shoes for my suits.  Any difference in quality?  What's the best style?  Of course, I don't know what the availability for the NRO PTB is, but the website says first shipment in March.   Thanks for your advice!
  Is the NRO snuff suede PTB like the Epaulet, since they're both Leydon?  Any differences?  
What is everyone's opinion on the snuff suede PTB built on the Leydon last (also available in tan suede), available only at NRO?  I'm looking for a versatile and timeless shoe that can be worn spring-fall (maybe winter), and with everything from jeans to chinos.   Seems like the first shoes ship out March 2013 -- wonder if it's already in the store/in stock.
  Thanks for your reply!  I'm just concerned about wearing unlined shoes in the winter.  Do people wear these boots in the cold climate?  I also think the Goodyear soles might be a better option than the leather.    What are people's thoughts on the unlined versus lined suede chukka or the tobacco PTB?  I'm so indecisive and need people's thoughts!  Thanks!
  Thanks for the advice, Bakes!  Does anyone wear the unlined version in colder climates during the winter?  I prefer the sole on the unlined version, but think the lined version might be a better option, especially with the Goodyear sole.  I'd like these to last a very long time!  I'm also concerned that the unlined version might not be too comfortable, or might wear sooner.   Anyone actually have either of these boots or the tobacco PTB?  I'm so indecisive! 
Greetings -- new to the forums here and wanted to get your expert opinions.   I'm looking for my first pair of Aldens, and am interested in a shoe/boot that can be worn casually (with jeans mostly, but also chinos) and also worn almost year round (definitely fall/winter, but also spring, maybe summer).   I like the idea of a suede boot, and there are two that caught my eye, a suede chukka boot from Barneys (Style 102216842, not sure if I can link here!) that...
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