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Yeah, I thought it worked without the blazer too.. which is why I took a picture earlier without it on, ha. Got this jumper just yesterday from the Marketplace on here actually. The sleeves are a bit baggy so I roll them up which I think looks ok?   Found one other picture:  Blazer - Armarni Exchange (bought 18 months ago before I took a real interest in clothes. Shit quality but #YOLO)Scarf - Ralph LaurenWatch - TAG
First post in here.       Cardigan - Mauro Grifoni Shirt - Farah Vintage Jeans - Replay Shoes: Loake 1880's Blazer - DAKS Jumper - William Fox & Sons Shirt - Farah Vintage  Jeans - Replay  Shoes - Loake 1880's Square - Exquisite Trimmings (it's white linen)    Opinions? Started trying to dress better in the last 12 months or so, this is the result.
First post in here.. Last 2 days        
Does anyone know where I can find a long cardigan similar to this one?   I basically want that style and colour, but for it to be made out of better materials. Any help would be great, even if it's just like "You should check out brand X, they do that sort of shit". Looked through knitwear threads and couldn't find much relating to longer cardigans. 
Just been told my SuitSupply MTM is ready to be picked up. Getting it on Sunday, then wearing it for a bit before a "second fitting". 
 Good to know I have selected a popular tie! I agree about the softness, you can't quite tell by just looking at pictures but it's got a spectacular feel to it. Get either a black grenadine or a bitter chocolate grenadine and then we'll talk business ​ think I'll ask for it for Christmas from my girlfriend 
All the non-Drake's ones are Chester Barrie. I got them for £20 per tie apart from the madder which was £35. I have a pretty limited choice when shopping in York, so I'm happy with my purchases considering.
I was way off.. sorry! 
I meant a plain black grenadine ^ 
  Thanks gents. Anything I need to add? I was thinking of getting a plain grenadine for the next purchase, thoughts? Also, is this tie ugly? Mum just found it in a box with matching cufflinks..  [[SPOILER]]
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