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Meant to reply to Trader George's picture of his Rutledges... doh.  Apologies for not figuring these forum posting mechanics. 
  Love those shoes.  I have the Jeffersons from that line, and really like them a lot.    For the fun of comparing cap toes, here are the Bourbon Fifth Avenues I'm wearing today.  Not sure the socks are working. 
Sorry, the above was in the wrong place and slightly redundant.  Still figuring out how to post here...
Thanks.  Would love to see a pic of your new Mora 2.0s.   I like brown too, once it ages a bit through wear.  Regarding Bourbon as a leather color, I heard that it starts as Walnut but undergoes a darkening process that includes application of black coloring (but don't hold me to that 100%).  Works for me.
My new Fifth Avenues in Bourbon.  Really liking them.    
This is my first post on SF and I never thought my first would be of this sort.  In any case, I was shopping around online yesterday and saw this image on the SuitSuppy homepage.  I laughed incredulously but then realized I am probably out of the demographic to which this is targeted.  And the zombie feel creeped me out a bit, to the point.  
Having read on the sidelines for a few months I thought it right to sign up and join the fray.  Hoping to learn bit, contribute where possible, and generally enjoy myself.  I've been thinking about shoes lately.  Perhaps too much, if that's possible.
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