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Hi there,   I just got this pair from theshoesmart. I cannot find any reviews or details about this model. The model no. #3560, brown calf and Van last. Do you have any ideas about this model.    Thank you so much.    
Hi, there   Hello from Bangkok. I just got this one. I can't find any detail about this bag colour detail. All i know about this bag is the, small bag in Tin cloth , hardwood camo. Any idea?   Thank you so much!      
Hi there,I really love the bag. Would you like to sell that bag?I lived in Bangkok too.Thank you.Tom
Hi, how much is it in UK, compare to the US. I am going to London around next week. Love to see the filson store there. Thanks
Hi guys I've got this small Tote bag from Japan few weeks ago, bought it from the used shop. I was wondering which model this bag is. It just like a small tote bag as shown in the filson website but the handle straps is very short for tote. I can't use them over my shoulder. Well, it also have the D-ring for hooking with the shoulder strap i suppose. When I got it there is no shoulder strap, i am going to make one in the market. Thank you so much. Bag is in Green,...
Hi there,   Normally, you guys use a shoe trees for your boots??? Should i get one?   THanks
Just wanna show my first Alden indy boots with commando sole.    
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