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Jumped on the Taylor Stitch longwing shell collab.  First opportunity I've had to get shell in my size (narrow) at a steep discount.  Looking forward to them showing up.   They extended pre-sale another 12 days if anyone is still considering.   Also, the they've sold a ton of the plain-toe moto boot.  Perhaps a good choice if you're searching for next season boots:
@GSG have you considered the unlined Sherman with the RLH sole?   It's a completely different shoe, but at $305 I'd argue a better value than the Alden.   Rancourt does have a pretty lenient MTO return policy now, too.
@GSG: I ran into the same issue over the holidays :(   @loxo: Agree that taylor stitch longwing looks great.  Presale pricing might make it my first shell shoe :o
Might want to consider this BB makeup for adding structure to the toe while keeping it unlined:,default,pd.html?cmp=ppc_us_GG_pla_MensShoes&gclid=Cj0KEQjwyK-vBRCp4cymxermx-EBEiQATOQgh3QzQpVUluEMwflcnPf2dxDAA2z2Q9xanG_7F9MRMbcaAguZ8P8HAQ
 Quite excited to see how this turns out.
Not sure what you mean.  But does this help clarify?       I think those stitches along the eventual crease are to protect the shoe when I do things like this:     Can't say I've ever done anything like that, but hopefully the shoes will inspire me to try it out ;)
 Happy to oblige.  Anything in particular?  I'm not an expert photographer, but here's a few tries. Only other time I've seen this sole is on the BB canvas boat shoe:,default,pd.html Big fan of it over the Amazonas soles. Grippy and I don't feel every pebble under my feet.  I don't have any RLH soles though, so maybe I'm still missing out.          
 Where did you find these?  I like to keep bookmarks of all the stockists doing weird things ;)
Just picked these up from the new One Orange shop on Beacon Hill in Boston.  I'm pretty happy with them - I've been trying to decide on a more sneaker-like Rancourt and was debating between these and the 4-eye 1967.      
I'm I'm 10.5B in AE Park Avenue with thin socks, what size would you guess for rancourt sockless?   (I've been shoving my foot in 9/9.5D all these years.  Oops)
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