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What's the fit like on those shearlings?  What size is the shearling vs the ranger moc or loafer?   I finally destroyed my ugg tasmans after 4 years of wear...they were always ugly but insanely comfortable.  Would love to step up to something that actually looks good.   Would also love to know if the sock lining (I think that's what they call the bottom of the foot lining) is replaceable?  That was the first thing to go on my uggs.
The Club Monaco website is broken, but if you call they will honor the code and waive shipping.   I bought 2 pairs with the sale...the burgundy beefroll loafer and the black 5 eyelet boot - $120 each.   Club Monaco introduced me to Rancourt when I purchased the "brown" ranger mocs earlier this year. Their brown is actually Rancourt's Color 8 Chromexcel.  Great shoe, and turns out I really like the company after researching them a bit more.   One thing to note on Club...
Hmm, went down to a 30.  They still buttoned fine and there is still some room in the thighs.   I wore them out last night and I was having trouble getting my phone and wallet in and out of my pockets.  Do you think that means I went down too far, or will they stretch out so its not a problem?       Thanks again!
Went to the store today to buy Diesels but ended up with a pair of APC Petit Standards.  The salesman didn't mention sizing down at all, so I went with a 32 (what I normally buy).   Here's a picture from today, should I return and get 31s?  I'm 6'0, ~150 lbs     Thanks!
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