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Quote: Originally Posted by DBoon OP is on a sensory deprivation fast. Every day our bodies are overexposed to visual and audio stimuli. Did you know that humans were designed to live lives confined to a 10 square mile area [1]? Man's aberrant expansion beyond the birth-zone led to abominations of the human species such as War, the Industrial Revolution and High Fructose Corn Syrup [2]. Unfortunately we can no longly easily revert to the natural...
The ignorance shown by many in this thread is amazing. It is possible to fast that long but I doubt I would be able to pull it off. Thanks for the report op.
I eat mostly fat free vegan and raw food at home. Basically all the time. When I go out which is maybe 2-3 times a week I eat whatever I feel like (no junk food though). Going to an excellent steak house here next weekend for a tomahawk cut wagyu beef on my wifes bd. She keeps it the same like me. We don't mind eating meat and actually like it from time to time but eating really healthy and good is our priority and that means vegan / raw food. If anyone believes eating a...
check http://www.sneaker-websites.com
far too many out there to shut them down. and if they manage to do it, they pop up again on a different domain
This is an interesting thread and I felt the same some time ago. We work on a brand that does things different and gives people more choice and freedom besides the mass produced garbage that is sold for premium prices. Anyway, good that some people here think different.
Quote: Originally Posted by cloudhands69 I don't feel that way at *all* There are people who migrated from HB but I think generally Sufu has more fashion elements than styleforum. When I think of streetwear, I think of fashion that rose from more "grassroots" beginnings - the street. Hip-hop, skateboarding, etc, stuff that generates a buzz from the bottom up to where the money's at. Then it's blown up and the street comes up with something...
Sufu is pretty much in between hypebeast and styleforum.
I'm originally from Germany but live in Bangkok since two years and work in the fashion / tailor made industry. Even though I'm not doing suits I know quiet a bit about the fabrics available here and how the suit tailors work. As mentioned before the most important thing if you want to buy a suit is to know what you want and to communicate that to the tailor of your choice. Some of them will suggest you several things that might be easy for them to do and not really...
I buy clothing for how it looks and how well it is crafted not for being a billboard or feel "extra cool" being associated with whatever brand. Simple as that.
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