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I was going to get some polish for my Chestnut and Whisky RMs, I usually use the RMW polish, but can't get hold of it easily here in Germany. So far I was looking at Saphir, for those who use this, would the following be a good approximation? whisky = '03 light brown' and chestnut = '05 dark brown'.  Are there any other good alternatives?
I have a pare of chestnut comfort craftsman's that I have worn for 2 years. I have looked after them, but they nevertheless need a lot of repair: heel and sole changed, I also notice some holes in the lining (heel and front), and a couple of micro tears in the leather upper. Is it worth sending these back? or are some things just not repairable? should I let them die gracefully and get a new pair? (planning on getting some new ones anyway) 
I know there is probably a more general shoe maintenance forum for this question, but I can't find it at present. I used innersoles for my Craftsmen, and they seem to have infected the shoes with a horrible mouldy smell. I threw the liners out immediately. I don't know how to get rid of the smell. I treat the shoes well - wearing them every second day, using cedar shoe trees. I have a shoe deodorant, but as far as I know they are mostly alcohol based, which I'm guessing...
Hallo I'm James, I found this place looking for some specific advice on some boots, and realize this might be a good starting point for improving my wardrobe, I have always been a bit intimidated by clothes shopping, and have never been obliged to make much effort in my workplace, but I do feel like I need to change that as I get older, and I've already discovered so much just researching this one boot question on this forum.
I have a problem with some Gardener boots that I bought in a size 9.5 G, they fitted well in the store, but have stretched over the past week, and I am thinking really, a half size smaller would have been perfect (I was told in the shop that they should fit perfectly from the first wear, but from reading parts of this forum I realize that this doesn't apply to the heavy greasy kip leather of the gardener boots). I have tried thicker socks to compensate, but this requires...
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