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fair enough. I'll read up on how to re-dye them. 
Well, okay the leather is holding up fine structurally. But I don't think I have made the extent of the problem clear enough. More practically I'm comparing my whisky craftsmen to my chestnut craftsmen - after a week's wear, the chestnuts will show scuffs and scratches naturally, but then I put some polish on, and the scuff is covered, after nearly three years, they look aged but still good. There are no permanent white streaks across the toecaps. With these whiskey boots,...
well I guess putting up with the scars is one option, but the toughness of these particular cowboy boots is in question to me - I've never seen leather turn white so easily, and polishing does nothing. My other RMs don't have this vulnerability Anyway, I'll see what the RM people have to say. 
I could not polish out the scuffs on these whiskey craftsmen, and customer returns at RMW offered to look at them. They came back with the scuffs reasonably covered, but after a few days wear (nothing out of the ordinary, I don't ride the bike with them or have a pet leopard), they are back. I have tried every sort of polish (RM tan, sapphir creme, some other from a cobbler), and it does not touch them. A bit of patina is no big deal, but imagine what these would look like...
I have 2 Belts from Kreis, very good quality, and they have held up well so far. there should be a color match somewhere here for you:(I put a link here, but it breaks, anyway google 'kreis gürtel' and you should find them)
I tried a cobbler, he just sold me another polish, he couldn't do the color in the shop. The RMW service dept got back to me, they want to look at the boots themselves, maybe there is something wrong with the coloring. I'll send them back via the London shop. 
I can't find the stockman's boot polish in whisky, I got the tan as the nearest to it, but that does not seem to work. I might try one of the darker shades from saphir. 
can anyone help? I cannot find a way of getting the scratches out of my whisky craftsmen. For my other chestnut boots, a bit of the rmw shoe cream covers scratches instantly. Nothing works on these - I tried the tan rmw cream; I tried some wax kiwi polish. The scratches are entirely superficial, so something should work.         
they look really cool, the dark tan is a good color for these boots. 
no problems of RMWs with jeans, they don't stick out from under them. I'm sure there are plenty of photos on the thread to back this up. 
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