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Selling this military style jacket from Robert Geller in black sz 46   400$ + shipping or best offer
Selling this rare boots. Comes with shoe box and dust bag.   900$ + shipping or best offer
Get this amazing grail sneakers   400$ + shipping or obo. Paypal gift or +4% fee
Selling these amazing j shape jeans. Made to give you amazing stacks below the knee. Dark Grey, size 44. Made for waist size 28/29.   200$ + shipping. Paypal gift or +4% fee
Selling these rare RAF by RAF sneakers. It sz 41. Will ship anywhere.   150$ + shipping, paypal gift or +4% fee
Selling this beautiful brown boots. I don't wear them much anymore so I'm selling these to a happy owner. 250$ + shipping or obo. Paypal gift or +4$ fee goods.
 Do you have a fit pic regarding the shirt? I wanna see how it fits.
This is a double layer tee from Rick Owens Gleam. It is a size S. This is in great condition and only worned a few time.   I would take 165$ + shipping or best offer.
Selling these shorts for 270$ + shipping (dependent on location)
The tailor supplied the YKK zippers. Thanks Namor, I love how the jacket looks now compared with the black zippers. Iunno any site that is a good zipper provider though. That info can be very useful.
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