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The Slick line is more reasonable, and suitable for a majority of users. The GR1 is a great bag but if you don't plan on really trashing it, and you're not going to utilize the MOLLE, you might as well look elsewhere.
^ Shipping upgrade with freeshipusa as well. In case anyone was on the fence  
 Also some nice prices on Cabourn:
VP's fake fit photos are the stuff of nightmares.
Love that, SPope.       Geller/Docs
  Finally tracked down a copy of Snowpiercer last week. As a big Bong Joon-Ho fan my expectations were ludicrously high, but I have to say for the most part it met them. I think Masterson dropped the ball with the English dialogue, which too often sounded like it had been simply translated rather than written. Evans's performance was only passable, but the acting was strong overall. Swinton was brilliant, needless to say. I can see why Weinstein wanted to cut it too,...
Would love to hear what the issue has been
Nike x Fragment x the POOL aoyama    
Attachment size 3 -
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