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 It's moose leather, it feels very soft. Tate + Yoko had a pair for sale a few months ago. Here's the link:
In my personal experience:2030 Last - 8.5Red Wing Iron Rangers 8.5Red Wing 1907 - 9Wolverine 1000 mile - 8.5Allen Edmonds 5 Last - 8.5EI wear medium thickness wool socks and they all fit snug but not too tight out of the box
I didn't realize there was a thread specifically for fit feedback, so I created thread for checking the fit on a new suit. So I guess I should post it here instead.   I received this suit last week in the mail. I noticed that there's bunching under the neck in the back, and the pants are a bit long. Can the bunching in the neck be resolved with some alterations? Any other issues that stand out that should be fixed? Or would I be better of returning the suit and...
Hi,   I was wondering if I could get some feedback on the fit of the Brooks Brothers Milano suit that I ordered on-line. No alterations have been made yet and before I get alterations made I would like to make sure that it's worth making them or if I should return the suit instead.   I noticed there was some bunching under the neck in the back. I'll also need to get the pants hemmed as well. Are there any other obvious issues based on the...
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