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In case anyone is liquidating F/W wear to get ready for spring, I'm looking for a slim v-neck sweater in something like a lambswool, donegal or shetland yarn: something with a little texture vs. the clean sheen of a merino or cashmere.   Size medium (chest 36-38), color in a navy (though mid/dark blues are also fine). J.Crew's slim lambswool is what I have in mind but i'm open to other makers. 
This is a long shot but I'm looking for a Pendleton Shetland cable shawl cardigan. I think they had it in their 2012-13 season (possibly earlier) but it's no longer in stock. I need a small. 
Stevent: who makes those two wingtip boots in the back row? Danke. 
I'm looking for one of their lighter weight sportcoats in the half-lined Havana style, preferably in a shade of blue or brown that will wear well in warm-weather autumns. 
Don't worry about it. I just realized: we're both in L.A. If convenient, maybe I can just swing by, try the jacket on in person, and bring cash in case I want to make the purchase?    --Oliver
Despos (or anyone else):   My ideal measurements for a sport coat are:   Shoulders: 17-17.5 (seam to seam) Chest: 18.5-19 (pit to pit) Waist: 36-37 Sleeve: 25   I feel like I'd ideally be a 37R but of course, that's not a common size.    When I look at 38Rs, I often find ones where the shoulders are fine but, Chest: 20 Waist: 38   How likely can a decent tailor adjust that standard 38R to fit my measurements? Or am I better off just hunting for slim 38Rs or...
Tailoring question: I picked up sport coat recently where the fit overall seemed decent but when buttoned:   1) the back of the jacket collar doesn't lay flat against my neck 2) there's a slight gap that forms in the chest area, behind the lapels.   The two are interrelated - something about the construction is such that buttoning the jacket reshapes everything from the chest up to the back collar. It's subtle...but it's there. I've had tailor fix that gap problem in...
Newbie question but as someone who likes the look and texture of tweed, when it does come time to retire those jackets, what's a natural transition to a spring fabric with the same casual/rustic nature?
It's been surprisingly difficult to find what I would assume would be an easy staple piece of clothing but here I am.    I'm looking for a classic, two-button (or 3/2 roll) corduroy sport coat/blazer. Chocolate brown or olive brown preferred.    Ideal measurements (and this is where I'm having a hard time finding the right fit, literally):   Chest: 19-20" Shoulders: 17-18" Sleeves: Nothing shorter than 25"   Basically, I need a 36R jacket with 38R sleeves....
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