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Finally got the shoes repaired and emailed Luisa. In turn Sandro emailed me promptly notifying me of the refund to my Paypal account for the charges incurred. Really happy with the customer service
Luisa replied stating they will cover the cost of repair. Will keep you guys posted.
My feet are not irregular size. I have had several European pairs, Magnanni, Jeffrey West, Harris all in 45 EU Size (10.5 UK) and never encountered this issue. Also it feels like almost a half or full size difference between the left and right shoe.
I took it to the shoe repair place and even he mentioned something not right because there substantial room at the back of my left shoe and the heel. It's like the shoe is close to half or a full size larger. Even with an insole it does not rectify the problem. So now I have to install an insole and a piece leather stitched on the inside of the heel area. Add another $45 to the cost. Quite disappointed especially considering the wait time, the overall quality finish of the...
I just received my order of Blue suede double monks 2 months after the order was placed. Luisa was great and kept me posted every time I inquired about the status. My disappointment stems from the fact that after all this wait the fit is off after measuring my foot and confirming the size I ordered a pair in 10.5 UK. The right shoe fits like a charm however the left shoe feels like a half a size or so large. I put the sole to sole and physically they look tge same size....
They are offering single monk strap shoes now in their linea maestro line.
I am new to SF. Is there someone who can assist me in ordering from Netherlands. I reside in Los Angeles and Several website I inquired with will not ship to the States. If someone residing in Netherlands or Belgium can can aid me with this I can return the favor. Thanks
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