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Got some Dundees last weekend. Took them out on walkabout for the first time, today.   
  The hell, when did they stoart offering these as a webgem!? 
I will, I will!
Oh,I just meant that I thought it called out for an initial ultra thin layer of polish, but I now see that was from Alden's site. Once I re-read it I'm sure I'll be fine.
I've read that a few times already but that was 7 months ago. I was planning on it so I guess I need to refresh my memory.
I really like the idea of shell chukka boots (cigar or #8) but not sure if I'm ready to embrace the roll so completely yet. If I could get the RL Marlow wingtips in EEE it would be those ( not Alden's though. )
Will do, on both counts!
I salute your commitment to excellence, sir. You are an inspiration.
Here they are! Ordered some of the wax paste to throw on before I wear them out. I'm gonna order my next pair shortly.
  Just received my first pair of Aldens (and Corodovan) yesterday. I had to wait 7 months!!! (special order for my EEE feet)    Photos to come.
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