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Definitely not intentionally going for a Thom Browne look.  :)  I would need to extend the sleeves out probably about 1/2-3/4", which is pretty typical for me.  I can never buy OTR with pre-cut functioning buttons, but that is a another story.  I think the seat looks awkward because I haven't popped the vent stitching yet which is making it bow out.  That with the fact my trousers were sagging makes for the unflattering look.  I have a long torso, but shorter legs so I...
What do you guys think of this jacket I picked up from the year end sale - fit and color?  Is it versatile enough to wear year round if paired with earth tones in winter?  I'm a bit on the fence.  Would like a standard tweed at some point, but approve of something that could be used 3-4 seasons.  Live in the northern climes fwiw.      
Since we are on the topic here are the tingleys in action this morning with my walnut strands.
I agree with the Tingley recommendation 100%.  I got some for about $20 on Amazon vs. the $95 AE wants for a pair of swims, plus they cover more of your shoe.  Have worn them in some nasty stuff and haven't had any problems.
That is what I thought, leather is leather even with a rubber or lugged sole.  Anyway, I picked up a pair of Bellevue's today and have a calf Gobi on the way to compare.  Tried the Bleeker's as well but wanted something a little bit more casual and rugged.  
Question for all the up north, bad weather boot (Dalton, Bleeker st, Long Branch, etc.) wearers (appropriate today since we just got a foot yesterday).  Do wear a "rubber" (swims, totes, etc.) over the top when taking out in snow and slush or just go as is?  If no to the cover, how do they hold up to the salt?  I have ruined a couple of pairs of shoes with salt damage and would hate to do that to a beautiful pair of AE boots, but seems like part of the reason to have a...
Maiden voyage today. I like 'em with jeans and khakis. They are darker than they appear below.
I just picked these Peal suede wingtips at 50% off.,default,pd.html   Anyone have them?  Interested to see the color in person.  They are described as dark brown but definitely don't look dark to me which is good as I would prefer a mid-brown.  I'll post some shots when them come in a few days.
Send em back. They can do better and you will always be disappointed otherwise.
What is the step up fee?  Is it the full difference in price between the seconds and retail on the firsts?
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