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Maiden voyage today. I like 'em with jeans and khakis. They are darker than they appear below.
I just picked these Peal suede wingtips at 50% off.   http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Peal-Co.%C2%AE-Distressed-Suede-Wingtips/MH00138,default,pd.html   Anyone have them?  Interested to see the color in person.  They are described as dark brown but definitely don't look dark to me which is good as I would prefer a mid-brown.  I'll post some shots when them come in a few days.
Send em back. They can do better and you will always be disappointed otherwise.
What is the step up fee?  Is it the full difference in price between the seconds and retail on the firsts?
 I am not an AE/BB expert, but your 11.5's look fine to my eye.  For what it is worth, I haven't really noticed any stretching or poron setting in my BB strands to make them fit bigger than when they were new (have had them for over a year).  If they have, it is subtle.  
Does anyone have information on who makes these field chukkas for BB?  Link       I just received them and all it has is a made in Italy sicker on the bottom and a size stamp on the tongue besides the BB stamping on the heel lining.  They are nicely put together and the suede seems to be of a reasonable quality.
 I had my SA looking for that for me in a 42R.  No luck.  Settled on the b/w plaid Fitzgerald instead for $509.  Still very pleased.  
Yes, but the Napoli didn't work for me because I have long arms and the sleeves didn't have enough to let out. The sienna had longer sleeves.
Option 1 - SS Sienna - 42R     Option 2 - BB 1818 Fitz - 42R - Micro Plaid   Which do you think is a better fit (both unaltered at this point)?  I would have the waist take in on the Fitz to provide an equivalent fit to the Sienna.  The right shoulder of the Sienna has a minor divet.  The chest fits pretty well so I don't think I can up a size.  Another Sienna I tried did the same thing.  Would that "break in" at all or is thta just how this model fits my...
Can anyone confirm if the Sienna is full or half canvas?  I have seen it mentioned as both from searching through the forums.     Also, is red line and suit up the same thing?  I have seen the Sienna referred to as both, but I am not sure if suit up refers to higher end fabrics or if they changed the name from suit up to red line.  Somewhat confusing on their website.
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