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Hot Topics Viberg Every few months I have to feature Viberg. Not because of the extraordinary successful StyleForum x Viberg collaboration series, not because of the slow ascent of the brand from niche workwear to being carried at Barney’s, but because the boots are just simply kickass. The best of the bunch, and the boots everything else aspires to be: Viberg. Perfumed When most of us think of accessories, we think of the standards: belt, wallet, keys, briefcase,...
Hot Topics Self-Conscious Style This thread, from new poster “RayManCan”, poses an interesting question: what’s a way to advance your style boundaries without feeling uncomfortable? What’s the key to feeling comfortable in your clothing, regardless of your outfit or aesthetic? Share your triumphs and stories! Running Log Our Health & Body subforum is full of some great, shared activity threads, including a number I’ve featured here before, but for some reason I’ve...
StyleForum's eBay Round Up Week of July 23, 2014 After a careful round of reprogramming, the StyleForum Robot is new equipped to run sophisticated searches to plum eBay for the best items and the most amazing deals. Check early, bookmark often, and snag something killer at an unbelievable price. Especially interesting is the Robert Geller asymmetrical trench coat, from an early collection, which references back to his days with Alexandre Plokhov at Cloak....
StyleForum's eBay Round Up Week of July 23, 2014   After a careful round of reprogramming, the StyleForum Robot is newly equipped to run sophisticated searches to plum eBay for the great deals and rare finds.  We will be doing these roundups every week, on Sunday Morning.  Our administrator tells me that he regularly checks eBay, but that he easily falls into the rut of looking at the same few dozen brands.  We want to show you things that you might want that you...
Hot Topics   Briefcases   Briefcases are an interesting clothing category. In an age of laptops, the cloud and virtual commuting, they’re slowly becoming an anachronism, but they occupy a certain cultural niche that screams elegance and class. Add this status to the fact that many of the most popular high end shoebrands on StyleForum also produce exceptionally well crafted, hand polished briefcases, and you have this thread.  
Hot Topics   Shoe Review   It can be tough to be a new affiliate trying to make your name on StyleForum, and this thread explores several fascinating topics: what should the relationship be between posters and vendors who gift them with clothing? What constitutes a review? What do you think about these shoes, and Claghorn’s pictures? What’s the quality differential between different types of leathers, and what expectations should you have based on pricepoint?  
Hot Topics   EG F/W ’14   Another season, another excellent, inventive season from forum favorite Engineered Garments. Truly, each season Daiki plums the depths of the American workwear movement and creates a wonderful collection that works both in all EG outfits and among other, unspecified looks. Awesome.  
Hot Topics   Cascadia Boots   The Cascadia region (while typing this update I also learned of the existence of a Cascadia independence movement, good luck with that…) is home to some excellent bootmakers, including White’s, Viberg and Dayton. If you’re looking for a high-end, refined work boot, look no further, and read along as posters drool over similar looking make-ups. 
Hot Topics   S.E.H. Kelly   S.E.H. Kelly combines the best elements of classic British styling with the modern workwear vibe. Steeped in British tradition and rendered in the best of classic British fabrics, S.E.H. kelly offers small runs of minimalist, vintage-inspired pieces. Carefully, painstakingly-produced in a small workshop, the clothes are frankly awesome.  
Hot Topics   $5,000 To Spend   This thread is an oldie but a goodie: if you had $5,000 to spend and a wardrobe to build, what would you get? Would you invest in classic pieces that, while expensive, might last for years, or would you get affordable versions of many items to serve as a basis for future upgrades? Ignore the terrible Esquire article posted n the OP and use your beautiful imagination.   
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