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I'm curious about the bunching in the back of the arm too. I have a few shirts that do that to and can't figure which measurement to adjust
Anyone else extremely disappointed in their customer service now? Almost a month stuck in customs but nobody will respond with an answer why. Tarnished reputation now, especially that I've spent so much in the past. Anyone want 2 certificates for 10$
This has been one of the worst experiences I've had with MT.  They send out a shirt back on 4/28 and nothing has been seen or updated since.  The tracking hasn't changed and nobody from MT has given me the time of day for a response, no way can this be held at customer for nearly 2 weeks.  I've ordered over 12 shirts from but customer service means nothing to them.  Sorry for the rant! Anyone else waiting this long? It was ordered through ALDex, which i've never had a...
I agree with you.....I've emailed them twice to no avail.  My order has been stuck in "process order" for over 10 days and last time it took less than 2 days.  No email response or anything and I have a large order in the system but may think twice with all the lack of communication.
hey all, I'm new hear and joined this site for some solid fashion knowledge. I got my first MT shirt and stupidly used my body measurements and not a well fitting shirt. Well even with my measurements they made the shirt entirely to big, nearly 5 inches added to the waist from what I entered in. I took the blame for not using a shirt and asked to try again at the "new customer" price, but to no avail I haven't heard back. From what I've been reading they aren't very...
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