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i have the jacket in the original post in the green. i have never gotten more compliements on a article of clothing
Quote: Originally Posted by emmanuel If you wear loose fitting jeans I dont think tucking in your shirt would look good. Loose jeans looks sloppy to me. Keep the shirt untucked and stay with your sloppy look. Tucking it in would only seem as though you are trying to be neat but failing. i think the choice also depends on the shirt as much as anything. shirts with longer hems just have to be tucked. if its about where your crotch is or a...
you rip you buy? this idea in general cant be legit can it?
is this thing still for sale?
agreed, great intentions tho
very nice suit. would you mind posting pics of the labels? just curious.
i mean what is stopping someone from showing a picture of the real watch and selling you something that isnt such a high quality fake? i mean they are selling fake watches after all. Quote: Originally Posted by beasty Nope. The fakes are pretty damn real etc the AAA fakes.
i dont think you can compare replicas to the real thing online. i mean aside from the issue of how they feel in your hand, sites could just be pasting pics of real watches and selling something else.
this first one is real nice. also, that invicta really does look like a seamaster 300M. not to fool anyone, but thats a nice looking watch! Quote: Originally Posted by Arman I had the same addiction last year and I hope to have tamed the beast. But two places that I have had exceptional service and are running some good sales: Good luck. This is my fav Seiko This is my 2nd...
i really like the second pair of paul stuarts. they remind me of the prl marlow/darlton, the end all of penny loafers in my eyes. the brooks brothers ones are quite appealing too, even tho i generally do not prefer low vamp shoes. i wish i had a pair of croc loafers. how do they compared to calf in terms of durability? given their high price point i think i have always assumed they must be delicate.
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