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Looking to buy some version of the Field Parka in size Medium. Will consider all colors & versions. Thanks.
It's pretty close—maybe a tad dark in the photo due to low light
Got my Brown 8W Cord CPO in the mail yesterday. Really nice fabric, good weight to it. I know some had some concerns over the length—you should be fine if you don't size down (can't speak for the other fabrics though).  
Do these fit like a normal US11 or a size big like RW/Wolverine?
The advice they gave me was to go with your Red Wing US size. AKA size down .5 - 1
Size 10. Used or new. Thanks!
Ordered Cabourn jacket for ≈$260 from End. Shipped FedEx and got a $28 customs bill about 2 weeks later.
Hey guys, thoughts on this Warby Parker demo frame? I'm a little skeptical on the quality. Any alternatives you think I should check out?  
 Hells yea. Delay & modulated reverb are my jam   They can all sound really different though... a subtle fast flange or phase can kinda sound like a chorus/vibe but not vice versa. A really thick slow phase is something you can't get from other pedals. That's why I have my Small Stone—the M5 has chorus/flange/phase but it's nowhere near as thick and colored as the Small Stone. Love the sound of a slow/thick phaser after a dotted quarter digidelay
Both End (since taken down since it's sold out) and Corniche say 100% cotton
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