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Looking to buy some version of the Field Parka in size Medium. Will consider all colors & versions. Thanks.
It's pretty close—maybe a tad dark in the photo due to low light
Got my Brown 8W Cord CPO in the mail yesterday. Really nice fabric, good weight to it. I know some had some concerns over the length—you should be fine if you don't size down (can't speak for the other fabrics though).  
Absolutely love your shop. Sadly the one thing I've ordered had to be returned due to sizing but I'm always impressed by your selections and the great product photos you guys take.
Do these fit like a normal US11 or a size big like RW/Wolverine?
The advice they gave me was to go with your Red Wing US size. AKA size down .5 - 1
Size 10. Used or new. Thanks!
Ordered Cabourn jacket for ≈$260 from End. Shipped FedEx and got a $28 customs bill about 2 weeks later.
Hey guys, thoughts on this Warby Parker demo frame? I'm a little skeptical on the quality. Any alternatives you think I should check out?  
 Hells yea. Delay & modulated reverb are my jam   They can all sound really different though... a subtle fast flange or phase can kinda sound like a chorus/vibe but not vice versa. A really thick slow phase is something you can't get from other pedals. That's why I have my Small Stone—the M5 has chorus/flange/phase but it's nowhere near as thick and colored as the Small Stone. Love the sound of a slow/thick phaser after a dotted quarter digidelay
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