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Oh, how I wish for the tyranny of a sale
Where can we find this new outlet shop?I hope the parting from the ebay retricker team was on good terms, as I think I can speak for most people here in saying they were very responsive and helpful.
Can't say I've tried the WWI shearling, but in general I find NC to be true to size for a slightly slim fit (compared to US manufacturers). For example, I have a filson cruiser in 40 and a Pointer Brand jacket in medium that fit fine with a vest under, snug but functional with a sweater under, and a Mallory in 50 that's a bit tighter than optimal with a vest under (but still within reason), and on its own fits like something that would be called 'trim fit' in the US. So...
Extra 15 off sale items at End. (Code EXTRA15). Picked up a 52 Mallory vest
Yeah, I'm certainly pleased with the find. The risk comes in sizing. I'm a 50 in Mallory and this trench was a 48. But the description put the pit to pit at 23", which would be just right for me for a trench, and I remember seeing one on eBay a long while back and the seller commented that it was very much oversized. I had actually considered that eBay one, but being used and seeming to be a fabric that can't be dry cleaned, I hesitated and someone else grabbed it. So,...
I got that NC x Eddie Bauer trench that was sitting there untouched...doesn't seem to have been a popular item but since I was in need of a trench coat and it was down to $114, I figure it was worth the risk.Anyone know anything about it? What year was it? Was it even released? Any ideas who made it? Tag in the pic seems to read Made in Canada
Interesting, thanks. Sounds like it was an improvement all around
Anyone know the difference between the 'Pennine II' and the original Pennine? What changed?
Question to those who have tried on (or have) a Mallory jacket in both 50 and 52: is there a difference in length, specifically sleeve length? I have a 50 and am thinking of adding a 52 so I can fit my vests under it, but the 50 is already a tad too long in the sleeves for me. I know some designers keep the same length for 50 and 52, which would be ideal for me. Is the 52 longer than 50?
Can't say I've seen the cabourn jacket in person, but I have a good deal of ventile, both single and double layer. It is rigid, but probably not as much as you are imagining. The only waterproof layers which are truly strong enough for military (ab)uses, aren't breathable or pack-able enough for the physical demands of military applications, so militaries use more delicate fabrics than you would expect compared to the uniforms. Anyways, it is slightly stiff compared to...
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