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Well SOMEONE just took that Cultizm RAF Mallory in 52. Shame I was going to grab it if they added another price drop. Haven't tried the 52 but my Army green mallory in 50 fits well as a slim cut, but a bit snug in the shoulders and the buttons work overtime with a vest underneath. Oh, well, I did get a great deal on a vest from an earlier double drop. I'll wait for next season I guess. I wish they'd redo the medium brown with tan ventile.
next time leave the jacket at home when robbing banks and watch what they put in the bag
I hope that's half chest measurement...unless you're the most stylish 8-year-old alive.
Hey everyone, looks like Cultizm just reduced their sale prices further. I just picked up the last Mallory vest for just over 200 USD
I received the mallory vest in 52 that I got from the Cultizm sale and definitely like the fit. I went for 52 with recommendations based on the fact I have a 50 Mallory, and it seems on target. But I think probably the reason for the mix match is because most of us prefer the jacket with a slightly more slim fit than Nigel Cabourn intended. Anyways, the box arrived very damaged, open, and soaked by water. The vest was UN damaged so I'm not very upset, but there doesn't...
Yeah I used that blog as reference when shrinking an army stripe tweed peak lapel in 52. It actually came out better on me than a 50 (my actual size) because it fixed my usual problem of the sleeves being too long. I'd say I got nearly a full size shrinkage, though I did two 30 minute rounds soaking in very hot water followed by drying in an electric dryer. I managed to such a deal on it, but only size 52 so I figured I'd take the gamble and it paid off big.It's the length...
Thanks for the help, I'll probably use it on a future color that runs out before sales bring it to my level, but looks like this year christmas spread: I was just about to take the chance and get a vest one size up, but then I decided that if corniche is having sales, maybe others followed suit. Sure enough I found a size 52 on sale for even better than Corniche. They didn't have the brown 'leather' I was looking for, but I suspect brown navy will serve my purposes well...
Quick, possibly crazy, question- has anyone ever 'shrunk washed' a mallory vest? I did it with a peaked lapel coat that was just too big, and the results were great? If anyone's done it, could you let me know the results? And other folks, can you think of any reason the results wouldn't work the same for the vest as the jackets?
Thanks for the heads up... Afraid no Christmas for me: I was finally about to pick up a mallory vest in 52. While adding my shipping details my browser froze. Reopened it, and by the time I'd returned to the site, 52 was sold out. So the wait continues...
Mind mentioning who those 'new players' carrying Cabourn are?'
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