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Those don't seem fake to me. I'm no expert but I do have 7 pairs of Trickers in various models and that looks legit. I expected to see a Trickers insole haphazardly glued into some H&M brogue garbage, but the sole, internal markings and insole all look right. It could be a cheaper line intended for sale (it does look like it says it's from the Jermyn st. Collection, which I don't have personal experience with), and clearly a topy sole was added after purchase, but looks...
Thanks for the recommendation, I didn't realize they (allegedly) did that. Not sure how I feel about trying to peel anything, but good to know there's an option if I get desperate
That's a good point...I completely overlooked it
Hi all, I didn't get any help in the heel/sole identification thread, so figured I'd try her, since my theory is Trickers. I have two pairs of Trickers with the same exact soles, but all my Trickers boots and shoes all have hand-written internal markings and this pair is printed. Anyone know if other makers use this sole or if Trickers at one point printed the inner markings?
edit :-) wrong thread
No worries, just giving you a a hard time
I thought he just meant eBay...
You could save over 90% by getting an M-90 parka at an army surplus store
Just plain comfort. There are situations (boot uses) for which you'd want it to be snug. The cowboy boots example you gave for instance, where the primary goal of the design is to allow for easy entry and exiting from a stirrup (and the heel is high to keep the boot in place there. You will find that the whites western boots are similarly pointed. If you are talking about a boot meant for traveling long distances over uneven terrain, you'd want it tight all around, because...
Anyone have ideas? I have 2 pairs of trickers 1boot, 1 PTB) with the same exact sole, but every Trickers I've seen has hand written internal markings, not the printed one here. Did Trickers at one time print the inner markings? Or do other makers use the same soles?
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