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I can imagine what you mean, and I could see wearing the jacket, but I couldn't picture wearing the vest. Too many different collors and patterns to match for me to have ever worn it.
I hear ya...fortunately they now sold out of the vest, because I was certainly tempted at the price.
Heads up, unionmade has a sale on Mallory crazy vest for $169 in size 52. I almost feel crazy passing it up in my always-sells-out size, but I can't imagine myself ever wearing any of the crazy vests... So here's the link http://archive.unionmadegoods.com/product/nigel-cabourn-mallory-vest-in-brown-mix/
I think what some people are calling buffalo is water buffalo, which is very different
Heads up to anyone who wears 9.5D in whites... Orvis has the leather soled Boson boots on extra sale. Get the $25 off code from retailmenot and you'll get a pair shipped for $258. I'm normally an E width in my farmer/ranchers and outdoorsman models, but I'm hoping the D width will work with a medium weight sock.
How's the width on those?
Well SOMEONE just took that Cultizm RAF Mallory in 52. Shame I was going to grab it if they added another price drop. Haven't tried the 52 but my Army green mallory in 50 fits well as a slim cut, but a bit snug in the shoulders and the buttons work overtime with a vest underneath. Oh, well, I did get a great deal on a vest from an earlier double drop. I'll wait for next season I guess. I wish they'd redo the medium brown with tan ventile.
next time leave the jacket at home when robbing banks and watch what they put in the bag
I hope that's half chest measurement...unless you're the most stylish 8-year-old alive.
Hey everyone, looks like Cultizm just reduced their sale prices further. I just picked up the last Mallory vest for just over 200 USD
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