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So I take it you wouldn't say the leather sole holds you back
Well ive only had them a few months, but I like them. I do have the full lug (Portland sole I think it's called) and it gives good traction. It's a definitely got some limitations being that it's not waterproof, but I think most people overestimate their need for waterproofing to the level of goretex liners. It's a great little hiking boot, and it's formed nicely to my feet. It would make a good tactical boot being light but solid. Another advantage is it still looks nice...
Well sounds like you are doing the work that the SDs were designed for.I've got 4 pairs of whites (well, 5th on the way), steel toed farmer/rancher which is a pure work boot (though I do wear it casually), a chromex centennial hiker and 2 SD's. Definitely recommend trying on a few sizes. I find that my AE size (which is my exact measured size) worked with the SD but that's with super thin dress socks in the AEs and thick wool in the SD. I later was able to try 0.5 size...
FYI, single layer Ventile is considered water resistant, will keep you fairly dry in moderate rain for small periods of time, but will seep through. Double layer Ventile is considered waterproof. It won't hold up to same soaking as plastics, but it'll do a good job and breathes a lot better. I have a single layer Ventile and a double layer, and while I've never been out for hours of rain in the double its kept dry without seepage in heavy rain. The single layer is good...
Can you comment on the difference between the Hathorn Cowboys and the Hathorn rancher westerns? Obviously the rancher has extra detailing switched at the top, but looks like the toe curls a bit more and maybe more narrow? Also seems the rancher is balanced mor to the heel? What differences have you noticed in construction and fit?
Maxpedition makes some pretty good organizers that'll work for everything from pockets up to duffels. You won't find anything approaching the classic style of filson, but they'll get the job done and take a lot of abuse.
I can imagine what you mean, and I could see wearing the jacket, but I couldn't picture wearing the vest. Too many different collors and patterns to match for me to have ever worn it.
I hear ya...fortunately they now sold out of the vest, because I was certainly tempted at the price.
Heads up, unionmade has a sale on Mallory crazy vest for $169 in size 52. I almost feel crazy passing it up in my always-sells-out size, but I can't imagine myself ever wearing any of the crazy vests... So here's the link http://archive.unionmadegoods.com/product/nigel-cabourn-mallory-vest-in-brown-mix/
I think what some people are calling buffalo is water buffalo, which is very different
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