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Definitely see the sub stamp on the Skyes. The fact that the seller didn't mention that also makes me suspect that maybe I was right about them having been resoled. (Trying not to feel like an idiot so I may be stretching) That 'make an offer' button is truly institutional racism. No one of Mediterranean culture can resist it, and with an initial list price that good you basically guarantee that only central and Northern European bidders will win. Disgusting
I'm also interested to know
Thanks. Though I probably would have been fine with subs at that price, I'll inflate my dissatisfaction with subs in my mind to make it seem like I dodged a bullet
Agh not helping! I'll pretend what you really wrote was "from my experience I think those are Meermins rebranded in China to look like real Skyes"
Got greedy, should've just taken the buy it now rather than submit an offer... So which one of you got those Shell 8.5 Skyes for £250? My concern was the low price, and the ease at which shell can be resoled without looking old enough in pictures. Should've taken the risk immediately, though. Kudos to the winner
For the same reasons you mention I have very little from them, but I think they are the only outfit that I can honestly say I would wear everything they make...except the glasses, only really because I don't wear glasses
Oh, how I wish for the tyranny of a sale
Where can we find this new outlet shop?I hope the parting from the ebay retricker team was on good terms, as I think I can speak for most people here in saying they were very responsive and helpful.
Can't say I've tried the WWI shearling, but in general I find NC to be true to size for a slightly slim fit (compared to US manufacturers). For example, I have a filson cruiser in 40 and a Pointer Brand jacket in medium that fit fine with a vest under, snug but functional with a sweater under, and a Mallory in 50 that's a bit tighter than optimal with a vest under (but still within reason), and on its own fits like something that would be called 'trim fit' in the US. So...
Extra 15 off sale items at End. (Code EXTRA15). Picked up a 52 Mallory vest
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