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If there was any consistency to hacking jacket's clothing, I would believe he is trolling here with the constant comments and black dress shirts. Sadly though, I think he genuinely feels the butterfly outfit was a strong look. Hacking: you don't want to hear this, but maybe lurk more before going full butterfly?
Don't misunderstand me. You'll note that I made mention of the too tight jacket but that's the thing: that really is a trend right now. Shall I waste the time to list the large number of labels making super tight suits? If you are on this forum you are as aware of them as I am. So to clarify: yes it is too tight. If the op wanted a James Bond-y tight suit it worked and enjoy it. As the op stated it is not a formal suit so for dancing and getting sweaty this is a non issue....
Bah don't worry too much. You said it yourself, you were going to a slim looking suit and it's only for fun. The suit is fine. Yeah, it's a little tight, but so what? Tight suits are "in" right now. Besides you probably don't want to go around looking like you are ready for a board meeting anyway. I'm sure someone will rage against this as hard as they raged against your suit, but honestly? If this thing is only for fun and whatnot, I don't see the issue. A full trouser...
I love Thom Browne and his work, but I don't think anyone would really defend his suggested trouser break.
I do. Mainly to conceal my tattoos at my office job.
Have you considered mtm? I did express slim fits but hated the material. After way too much work trying to find an otr shirt that fit I just said fuck it and went mtm. Never looked back. There are lot's of online places like tailorstore or deo veritas. I'm pretty confident that any tailor in your area would be able to whip up a shirt for you as well. Prices vary depending materials but this is what I suggest to anyone trying to fit a slightly odd body shape.
I know there are already 3 leather jacket threads on the front page, but after a search or two I couldn't find what I wanted, so here's the question folks. For preferably less than $1000, where can I get quality tight (or if tight is too scary sounding) close fitting leather jacket.   Details: I'm skinny, so there it is. Most leather jackets I wear look like I stole my giant father's jacket. I'm 5 10 and 140. So yeah, skinny, but not short. The picture below sort of...
Negative, just skinny.
First post. Very happy with clothes, save for the bit of dangly scarf fringe around the junk. I actually wear it around the neck, but I wanted to show the tie. Such is life.
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