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Only two things this fall, both are essentials that fell through the cracks of previous aquisitions. Burberry trench Red wing Iron Rangers   I like how short my kop list is. I have no faith it will stay that way, but I like it. 
I've never understood the needless vitriol that is always spewed here. If someone asks a question and you don't know the answer, why not put away the internet tough guy routine and shut up? I swear so many people here just let asshole behavior slide. Why? Sorry to threadjack OP, I just see this so often.
Finally picked up a pair from the nordstrom sale. I'm not a huge fan of black shoes, and so I hadn't owned any. I considered getting the grey ones they've had up on clearance, but in the end decided the black was more versatile and went with them. Very happy with my choice. Very worried about the possible sale.   Cheers.
I didn't know how they did mtm, but that's tempting. I should wait for them to come up where I live to try out their mtm deal (which should be soon). In any case you didn't specify you wanted midnight blue/navy, just a shawl collar tux itself hence the link.
? Suit supply does have a shawl collar.  http://us.suitsupply.com/suits/suit-blue-plain-tuxedo-p3595/P3595,en_US,pd.html?start=1&q=tuxedo
I must have missed the memo, but did we all collectively decide to ignore this? I mean, if we did and there's a reason, please pass it on and I'll try my best to focus on something else. If there isn't a reason for this, is anyone actually on location/covering this well?
Ok- you like baggy clothes. Sure whatever. But that wasn't my question. I want to know if anyone knows where I could purchase one. (By "one" I'm referring to a slim fit shaggy dog type sweater).
I want to buy a sweater. Specifically a shaggy dog type sweater. Preferably lambs wool (reduce scratching) must be a slim fit. Budget is up $180. Lower is better obviously. Any leads? I can't seem to find one for any price.
I couldn't dredge up enough care to fill a thimble about how horribly those guys are dressed (and they are) or the OP's choice in posting said photo-- but when did this become the "speak with respect of poorly dressed individuals" forum?
So here's the score: I have been told that I'm going to Japan for work for a while and I leave in about 6 weeks. I've been in Japan in the summer before and frankly, it blows. I did it before in cotton and I'll not make the same mistake twice. Here's the catch: there doesn't appear to be an off the rack shirt that'll fit me (I've tried club monaco, Jcrew, express (kinda ew but I'm desperate) H&M, UNIQLO, Brooks Brothers and Zara). I'm just out of places that I can think...
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