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I bought a pair of Grenson navy leather brogue oxfords. What color trousers would be particularly complementary? I only figure black or khaki. Open to suggestions though. My medium grey trouser didn't seem to look quite right.   Link for color: http://www.clubmonaco.com/product/index.jsp?productId=22869096
I likely read too many but here are a few of my favorites- Permanent Style Ivy Style (niche) Tommy Ton Voxsartoria Put This On Parisian Gentlemen The Shoe Snob Die, Workwear! A Suitable Wardrobe
I've already set out what I'm getting for spring this year, but I was curious what everyone else was getting for the season. Care to compare notes?   Shoes: bucks, and a pair of sneaks (onitsuka tigers maybe? Maybe common projects w/e I'm tired of seeing new balances) Suits: a brighter blue cotton suit and maybe something in linen too Shirts: a few prints. Nothing crazy, just some dots or low key florals   Mostly basics, but I have my eye on a few, more fun things.
Not to mention predominantly conservative styling. SS don't make the world's best suits by any stretch but I hardly feel they belong in the same category as say Black Fleece or something.
Mesta- I love the look of that peacoat. It's not too blogger blue, but not too navy. Just the right length. It's amazing. Where did you get that in Japan? I'm headed out there in a few months. Edited- re-read post and saw cdg. Still love it.
I know there is a stream of consistent thought that is taking place, but since this thread is called "random fashion thoughts" I'm going to inject some random. Why didn't I think of perusing ebay for a trench coat before last week? I've been staring down the barrel of a full price Burberry for months and just before I pulled the trigger I thought to look at ebay. Found a coat within minutes, was the PERFECT size, got it for less than $250 and the condition is practically...
Love the look and features but they start well over a grand which is my breaking point. I'm willing to drop 1k. Surely there is a attractive, slim watch within my budget that isn't total junk. Right guys?
Hey all,   I've hit a wall trying to update my watch wardrobe. Seeing pictures of classic watches I'm hankering for a small watch myself, but I'm almost totally unable to find modern watches that fit my size profile. There is a thing right now for huge wrist watches and I know I can find VINTAGE watches that fit my desires, but I want a new watch. The only catch is that I don't want to pay more than 1k. Can anyone suggest a new watch that is as slim as possible and has a...
    It's a little hard to tell from the photo quality, but it looks like shoulder shirring. Which, for the record, is not a defect, but an aesthetic choice. It would be easier to tell if you snapped a photo of the side of the jacket without your arm in it. If the ripples are still there, then you have shirring. If not (and again, it's hard to tell from the photo you have, but it's not hard to tell if it was on purpose) then you might have some pulling in the shoulder, but...
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