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Horizon or Organic Valley brands are pretty good and available at most grocery stores. The nice thing about organic milk is that it's super pasturized, so the sell by date is 2-3 months out and it keeps for about 2 weeks after you open it. Supermarket milk may be cheap, but it's not so cheap when you throw half of it away because it stinks.
If you're looking for basic dress shirts, Lands' End carries a tailored fit shirt... and a lot cheaper too.
Try powdered laundry detergent, maybe arm & hammer brand? Also, drip dry, do not use the dryer.
Paul Mitchell The Conditioner (leave in) can also be used as a facial moisturizer, so give that a try. Just go easy to avoid white residue.
Use a body lotion like Curel (no oil) or Cetaphil (minimal oil). Don't assume the other stuff in facial moisturizers is providing any benefit.
I've bought Marc Jabobs women's perfume as a gift (love it) so I tried the men's cologne. Decided it's not for me, but it is a nice crossover scent... a bit femme but a few manly notes. Worth a try if you're looking for something different.
My dermatologist recommended 1000 mg Vitamin C with bioflavinoids (as much bioflavinoids as possible, you'll probably need to go to a health foods store to find it). It doesn't get rid of stretch marks but it does minimize the appearance. Worked for me. Also helped with other scars, just good for your skin in general.
Not so sure about Andre Leon Talley's get-up on the ABC pre-show: navy blue double-breasted tuxedo (with black satin shawl collar.... I think). He's a big guy and is not apologetic about it, but the jacket was ill-fitting and hardly flattering.
It's OK to tip in $1 increments, why not make a point to carry some one dollar bills? I'm hesitant to tip well at "nice" places where they're more interested in making your next appointment (6 weeks!!!) than cutting your hair... 15% is plenty.
Didn't he start the cropped pants look? (i.e. highwaters) Or was it brewing elsewhere? Runway shows are in inside joke, it's not for real people. I'm sure Anna Wintour approves, and that's ALL that matters.
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