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Just eat less and buy nice clothes and accessories, then you don't have to do either. If you want to look stunning to others with your shirt off, buy them a few drinks first.
You could always lease something new for 2-3 yrs if you don't drive too much, a lot of the cars mentioned may have $200/mo lease with minimal downpayment.
Camry may be a better buy right now. By the time you sell it in 2-3 years all the anti-toyota sentiment will have waned. Any horror stories with the 335i? Or warranty run out? (I'd be terrified of a 335i out of warranty).
Get a small flip phone that fits in your front pocket invisibly. iphones and the like are geeky and anti-social, they're more a distraction than a tool.
Look at the ingredients and google each one, see what you're getting in to. There are a lot of fake sweeteners and other crap. Fake sweeteners just tease your body into craving more sweets.
A cold is a virus. It's foolish to ask for antibiotics, and more foolish for your doctor to prescribe them. Time heals a cold, everything else is just managing the symptoms.
Quote: Originally Posted by erdawe Is this a backhanded attempted justification to stay plump? Not sure entirely sure what you're implying. No. Running is very easy for some guys and very hard for others. It's not an all-purpose exercise for everyone. Guys who find running easy and "exhilarating" tend to have a light build and don't add muscle as easily. This whole thread is pointless unless the original poster posts pics of 1) his body,...
My dermatologist told me tanning is fine, burning is bad. Just do whatever it takes not to get burned. If the sun were really that dangerous the human race would have died off a long time ago. Moderate sun exposure if OK for most people. Just take it in small doses.
Quote: Originally Posted by MrNick Also I love to run, nothing feels better than going 5 or 6 miles. If running that much feels great, you're probably naturally skinny and destined to stay that way. Are people skinny because they run? Or do they run because they're skinny (and it's easy for them)? I think the latter.
tea tree oil will give teenagers man boobs, and antibacterial products are unnecessary and stupid (promotes resistant bacteria). no thanks. germ freaks should stay home.
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