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All I've heard about A8/S8 is that when stuff starts to break you may be looking at a long wait for parts. Bodywork is only done in a few specialized shops, your car may have to shipped by train to an authorized facility. (the above info may be old.... just from memory)
Join Netflix (don't buy DVDs). Then worry about a new DVD player when you fall out of love with your current TV (you can speed this along by taking your netflix discs to friends' homes with HDTVs).
Quote: Originally Posted by username79 Only gay men in the US wear anything less than 7 inches. (yawn) NYTimes is declaring board shorts are done. I doubt their advice will stick, but at least they tried..... New issue of Details magazine has a swim spread with mostly speedo-style suits (several in white). Haven't seen that in years. Defensive dressing at the pool/beach will continue to predominate, I think. Board shorts = security blanket.
Sure, go ahead if you really need to measure everything. One of my spin class instructors wears one and insists she burns 2000 calories in a hour spin class based on her heart rate monitor. Seems inflated to me. If anything it'll probably give you false level of confidence and make you eat more.
International business class is really fun the first time (on a delta buddy pass), m'okay the second time (last minute upgrade on overbooked air france flight), and after that you're still stuck in a tin can for 10+ hours. If you really want to be refreshed on arrival, leave a day earlier and get a better hotel.
I've heard that junkyards have their own opinions about BMW's extended oil change intervals. Any car will get through the warranty period with 15-20K oil change intervals....
Quote: Originally Posted by imschatz I find "keep it maintained" applies to all body hair. Nothing is quite as funny looking as a guy with as shaved chest rocking 6 inch armpit hair. But the armpit hair is guaranteed protection against being gay. It's even funnier when a guy shaves his entire body (legs too) but has these big hamsters under his arms.
* cast iron skillet * ikea poang chair and ottoman * decent queen-size mattress * a car you're not attached to which is easy to get rid of (don't fall for the 20-something trap of letting a cool car suck up half your income) * multiple savings and/or checking accounts with ATM access, always have at least $5K in cash available
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