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gel paul mitchell super clean styling gel is good, just don't touch your hair after it's dry.
The curel body lotion is probably OK, but if you want to spend more money try this: Very "creamy" but no oil.
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman Someone explain this clay bar thing to me. I find it removes more grime from the horizontal surfaces (hood, top, trunk) rather than the vertical ones (front end, sides). Only use it prior to waxing, it may leave streaks if you use it by itself. Be sure to use the recommended lubricant spray, I think the spray does more than the clay.
If you're taking multivitamins, stop. Most contain potassium iodide (or kelp), which makes acne redder and more inflamed. Learned this from a dermatologist, worked for me. Has anyone used the one grand omega glaze? I'm wondering if it's appropriate for a silver 2008 G35 sedan -- one grand's product info seems to indicate it's better for darker colors, but with clear coat that may not be relevant. Car has 20K miles and garaged at home and work so paint is in good shape, but this will be my first time using anything other than wax...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nosu3 Each time you get blistering (second degree) sunburn, you are doubling your risk of malignant melanoma skin cancer +1 Next time a long sleeved t-shirt and big hat are your best friends. Sunscreen is a false sense of security. Don't forget OTC painkillers, I think ibuprofen is best in this situation.
I gain weight on vacation since the transit time slows down (constipation). Bringing fiber pills and/or stool softeners/laxatives seems to help (but use sparingly, you can become dependent on them). Try eating mostly vegetarian if you can for some of your meals. It's a good excuse to get a healthy meal if nothing healthy is on the menu. Most restaurtants will make a effort to accomodate.
go 90% shorter on the sides, 50% shorter on top. keep it messy.
Isn't 95% of weightlifting just maintaining what you have? Doesn't creatine stop working after a while? Pics would help.
Freshly prepared ramen noodles are good, but hard to find outside Japan. Some japanese restaurtants in the US specialize in ramen. The packaged stuff is OK if it's a decent brand, but I'm leery of the chemicals in the flavor packets. Only use half the flavor packet and don't drink the broth.
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