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apple + nice bag = steal me, please get a laptop sleeve and buy a bag that doesn't scream "laptop inside!!!"
It's called "The Joey" (as in Joey from Friends)
Quote: Originally Posted by Hartmann Do you go to sleep at 4 pm or something? Nope, 1 or 2 am. Just more sensitive to caffeine than most people. I only drink Starbucks if I'm traveling (jet lag), it's too strong for everyday use.
Better before a workout. Can't hurt after a workout unless you're caffeine sensitive and it impacts your sleep habits. (I have a hard time falling to sleep if I have caffeine after noon.)
I'm pretty happy with my five year old bissell. The canister is easy to empty and you can wash it out in the sink. There are two filters which should be cleaned every 5th vacuum or so, and it's easy. The foam filters have held up well after 5 years. I replace the hepa (??) filter every year or two. BTW.... the best way to keep a clean house is replace your furnace air filter more often (use a mid-range to high-end air filter).
Just please get something above the knee. Make sure they don't tug at the top of your knee when you walk or run. Try different sizes of the same shorts.
The chicken and egg industry is pretty shady. You get what you pay for.
Quote: Originally Posted by Morinav I'm noticing a wrinkle(!) forming and need to step up my game. Wrinkles are caused by a loss of fat (or collagen) under the skin, a moisturizer can't really fix that (though it does help with very fine lines caused by dry skin). Only way to prevent facial wrinkles is to gain weight (notice how skinny people often look older).
bed bath & beyond house brand has plenty of neutral colors, just don't get a fitted sheet that brags it fits oversized mattresses if you don't have an oversized mattress. fitted sheets don't fit like they used to -- and sheet suspenders are a pain. their 500 thread count supima cotton is super-nice. don't skimp.... you spend more time in your sheets than the rest of your wardrobe.
Sure, in Havana.
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