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I think women like to be surprised. Mix it up.
Quote: Originally Posted by pistolero I've tried Tom's of Maine (which didn't mask BO and gave me an instant rash) Tom's unscented used to have lichen in it but they reformulated it recently to remove lichen (since it's an irritant to some people). I use it in the winter but it doesn't work that great in the summer. In the summer I use old spice high endurance. It's pretty basic, smells decent. The list of ingredients is pretty short. ...
If you have a simple haircut that's hard to mess up, can't hurt to try. Looks campy to me. Just got these and very pleased (UA blitz shorts). Well worth $35. They run big so go down a size if you don't want them tugging at your knees. The pockets are deep. Google for free shipping coupon codes. The $25 microshorts are OK, but they don't have pockets and then tend to tug at your knees even if you go down a size. The blitz shorts have more freedom of movement.
better than cottage cheese (yes, that)
Make her jealous and see how she handles it.
Quote: Originally Posted by kabert It's great @2 times a year -- when we have a big family vacation and need the space. The rest of the year, it's really bigger than I need. Get a car and rent a monster truck when needed. I'm tired of the "just in case" SUV and crew-cab pickup crowd....
buzz it, don't become this...... you kinda look like him, btw
The skin under your eyes is very thin, that's why you notice wrinkles (and dark circles) there first. Wrinkles are caused by a loss of fat/collagen under the skin. Any moisturizing product will puff up the skin temporarily by adding moisture under the skin. Surgery only helps if your eyes look like this:
Tanning is fine. Sunburn is not. Do whatever it takes not to get burned. Long term your skin will get saggy/wrinkled from tanning, so at least minimize the sun exposure on your face. A big hat is best, don't trust sunscreen.
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