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Quote: Originally Posted by TylerDurden I've been wanting to get some running tights, as I've tried running in baggy tack pants (swish swish swish), but I am too self conscious to wear them. I've worn underarmor legging (basically tights) for skiing as a baselayer, and my I think it improves my strength and everything when I go skiing. I think they would work great as running gear, but I would feel weird (being a guy) just wearing running tights as a...
Red wine gives me the best buzz in 2 glasses. It's VERY easy to overdo it with mixed drinks since every drink you make is likely to have two shots of liquor.... so you say you had 2 drinks, but you really had 4 or more. Also, I find it easy to open a bottle of red wine and drink half of it in one night and save the rest for another night. If I open a bottle of white wine I almost always drink the whole bottle in one night. Beer is rampant in sugar (maltose). ...
i do it 2-3 times a year. too much work to keep it up all the time. it takes 3-4 months for my leg hair to get bushy again after i shave. purely vanity, no functional reason. also, ingrown hairs around your crotch & ass are no fun.
Quote: Originally Posted by OakCreekHitter if you dont mind walking on jizz and piss Urine is sterile, can't do any harm. As for the other stuff, just turn on the shower before you get in and make sure everything rinses away (and don't use the last stall, that's where the shower sluts hang out).
Use a fresh razor. Don't do it more than every 2-3 weeks. And keep it up.
I like paul mitchell the conditioner for everyday use (it's leave-in). If you want something with a little more shine kiehl's makes a grooming aid which will add a little more weight, but it feels slightly greasy (I wouldn't wear it to bed). http://www.kiehls.com/Hair%20Conditi...efault,pd.html
Why wear sandals in the shower? Just bring an extra hand towel to the gym and dry your junk and your feet completely before you get dressed (don't use the same towel you took into the shower). Fungus loves moisture and you're just creating a moist environment in your gym bag for fungus to grow (and taking it home with you).
Quote: Originally Posted by razl re: shuffle - I've never even considered it given that my original ipod and nano's inputs (the circular thingie) were impossible for manipulating while running/etc. Units with tactile buttons/thumbsticks are much, much better on the go. the shuffle doesn't have the touch-sensitive volume thing around the dial. it's buttons only. just buy it. i use those bicep bands which football players (or posers) wear,...
It's just an excuse to be anorexic.
+/- 10 lbs is not dramatic results
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