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black running shoes are usually dorky, esp w/white socks. i found some black UA running shoes at marshall's for $30 which are tolerable looking and not that comfortable, more for looks than running. glad i didn't pay more. to other posters... not everyone RUNS in running shoes. (the high heel effect makes you a little taller and makes your chest stick out).
blame Snooki
1) people watching at the gym beats people watching everywhere else 2) good excuse to use sauna & whirlpool 3) i like looking better in my late 30s than i did in my mid 20s 4) sportswear is cute (when worn for its intended purpose)
Armpits can be an erogenous zone if you're creative.....
The rear seat legroom is pretty embarrassing for a car its size.
1. alcohol 2. alcohol 3. alcohol 4. alcohol 5. alcohol You didn't mention how much you drink, but obviously an average to greater than average amount. It's not just the calories in alcohol, it's the food cravings during and after drinking... up to 2 days later. Alcohol leads to poor diet choices and overconsumption. I'm 6'2" and hovered around 240 for years, cut way back on the booze and I'm around 205 now. Running is also good, even if you get tired...
I think it's fun to observe current trends in pubic hair styling. Who's got a bush, who shaves, who has a precious porn-star 'stache going on, etc. As a white man I know the flesh itself has its impressive moments and its not so impressive moments... like after doing cardio for an hour (wants to crawl back in its cave).
Quote: Originally Posted by masshi I hate getting into arguments on forums. Leaves me in a bad mood for the rest of the day. Then maybe you should get out of the house more often (other than your monthly haircut). 4 mins of you blathering was overkill, try it again in a minute or less.
Yes, but you need much longer hair on top. Only get it cut on the sides and back for 3-4 months.
It evidently altered your brain's chemistry..... you sound euphoric.
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