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Watch is sold!  Thanks for looking.
Up for sale is a mint (almost new) Stowa Antea 390 with black croco strap.  I purchased this watch directly from Stowa in May of 2014 and have only worn the watch a few times.  There are no scratches or nicks to speak of.  I'm asking $900 with free shipping within the continental US.  I'm also including the standard leather and tang buckle with the sale.  Below are the specs from Stowa's website:   Dimensions  Diameter:  39 mm Height:  8.10 mm Strap width:  20...
Thanks, Fok. Order placed!
Alright! Fok, will the pre-order be open to only those who replied on this thread or everybody? Is there a max number of pairs that we are allowed to add? Thanks!
Sorry, I missed your post! You are now on the list!
Fok, I believe we have more than seven! Can you check with Guy to see if it's doable? Thank you!
^ Fok, please count me in!  I'm still kicking myself for not getting in on the last order.  Hopefully Viberg will agree to it. Thanks!
PSA - Last pair in size 8D is now available for the Leffot black CXL service boot pre-order if anyone is interested. http://leffot.com/shop/index.php/shoes/viberg/viberg-service-boot-black-cxl-pre-order.html
How's the actual waist size compared to tagged size?  Also, what are the inseam lengths for these jeans?  TIA!
I also pre-ordered the brown cxl from leffot in size 8 as well! I wasn't sure if should get those until I saw this pic I believe this pair was from leffot last December.
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