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I also pre-ordered the brown cxl from leffot in size 8 as well! I wasn't sure if should get those until I saw this pic I believe this pair was from leffot last December.
^ color 8 and antique edge shoe or boot like Leffot's Alden models?
^^Shawn, I'm glad you got in on the sale! I got both sizes just in case and will keep the one that fits better - probably my normal TB size. Return shipping is free too. This must be a new makeup for BB since all sizes are due to ship on 9/15. Will be wearing these around a lot this fall!
Just a quick note to let you guys know that Brooks Brothers has a card member exclusive that ends tonight where you get 25% off your entire purchase when you use your Brooks Card/MC (Alden for Brooks Brothers shoes are included in the sale).  So these boots would come out to be $411 after the discount (before taxes) - I usually don't like crepe soles, but somehow I find myself wanting these!  Question about sizing though - does Brooks Brothers size them the same as...
How strange!  I just added those exact pants to my cart this morning, but couldn't decide on the fit.  Did you go with the slim or classic?  Those look sharp on you, Ryden!
Here you go.  C&J Harlech 341 vs. Alden grant captoe boots.  I hope this helps ...    
Guys, How about a Gianni scotch with all eyelets and ridgeway soles?  Like the one in the pics below except with all eyelets.  Looks BADASS!!!
Guys, If anyone's interested, here is a side-by-side pic of the C&J Whiskey Harlechs vs. the Alden Whiskey PTBs (new stock).  Alden's new Whiskey shell is darker than before, so they are pretty much the same color now.  Aldens are just a touch shinier ... And here is the Harlech again between Alden Whiskey and Ravello (also new stock). Hoit, I hope you got your boots this morning.
I can't be any happier with mine, and I think you will feel the same way. There are no real blemishes to speak of, and the shell feels rich and supple. They aren't as shiny as Alden shell, but I really don't them to be for this style/color. Oh and the smell of these boots! Amazing ...
New Posts  All Forums: