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Here you go.  C&J Harlech 341 vs. Alden grant captoe boots.  I hope this helps ...    
Guys, How about a Gianni scotch with all eyelets and ridgeway soles?  Like the one in the pics below except with all eyelets.  Looks BADASS!!!
Guys, If anyone's interested, here is a side-by-side pic of the C&J Whiskey Harlechs vs. the Alden Whiskey PTBs (new stock).  Alden's new Whiskey shell is darker than before, so they are pretty much the same color now.  Aldens are just a touch shinier ... And here is the Harlech again between Alden Whiskey and Ravello (also new stock). Hoit, I hope you got your boots this morning.
I can't be any happier with mine, and I think you will feel the same way. There are no real blemishes to speak of, and the shell feels rich and supple. They aren't as shiny as Alden shell, but I really don't them to be for this style/color. Oh and the smell of these boots! Amazing ...
So my Whiskey Harlechs have finally arrived!  And they look gorgeous!!!  It's getting pretty dark here in the east cost, so I apologize for the crappy pic from my iphone.
Mine is also out for delivery today.  I may have to leave work as soon as they get delivered!  Haha
Guys, Here are the tracking details of an order of mine back in October from another UK retailer (Pediwear) that was shipped via Parcel Force.  If everything goes as well, it does only take three days to ship to the US.  The recent winter storm in the East coast may have delayed the shipment though.  Still hoping that they will arrive sometime today or tomorrow ...   Parcel tracking details Progress of the parcel you've enquired about is displayed below. Parcel...
Lauren just confirmed via email that all shipments outside of the UK will be Parcel Force.
Absolutely!  It's good to know that there is at least one pair in our size, right?  Hahaha
Yes, I believe they are using Parcel Force.
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