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Brand new with tags in a mens size large. 2012 F/W collection Fair Isle sweater, perfect condition. Made of a mixture of different wools. Retails at $245, selling for $100 obo.  
Do not want.
Filson 14050 in 32x34. They've been worn for about two weeks but I started lifting and my legs have gotten too big for them.        
How are they weight wise compaired to say a RW moc toe? I stand 16 hours a day just about every day.
My Ralph Lauren sweater and shirt:   I may also have some deadstock cool grey Spizikes in a size 10 and some slightly used (2 weeks) Filson raw jeans in 32x34 when I become productive again.
I have a size large NWT Ralph Lauren Fall '12 Fair Isle:   Might put up some Filson jackets over the weekend.
ob4cl...So nice. Great ensemble.
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