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Yea they're real. apparently they were owned by nike and they gave them away to a thrift store (the headquarters are like 1/2 an hour away from me) . i was lucky to grab them.
Can anyone tell me if these are authentic or not?     
Carbonara pasta w/ bread from kens artisan bakery in Portland. 
I have a Ralph Lauren hunting jacket that i no longer wear anymore. I took very good care of it. no stains whatsoever, a re wax would restore it to it's former glory. Asking 75$ USD + Shipping to the States only. check out my classified ad for more info      
I have a light blue parka made by Ralph Lauren. Exterior shell is made out of waxed cotton and is probably due for another wax. There are no rips or tears and is in overall great shape.   Pit to Pit: 27" Length 32"     Shell:100% Cotton Lining:100% Cotton Hood,Elbow Patch:100% Cotton Pocket Bags:100% Cotton Collar:100% cotton   Please be serious when contacting me!   It's 75$ Plus Shipping (Priority Mail) to wherever you are in the United States I'm near...
Near-New Condition    Ralph Lauren Bomber Jacket Khaki-Brown  Tweed lining inside       Chest pit to pit: 26 inches Height: 26.5 inches    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -100% Authentic     Thank you for Viewing! 
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Californian redwoods? 
Looks nice 
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