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I was thinking about getting some 501s for work pants, but I'm looking for recomendations as well
Hello everyone:   I currently switching up jobs right now and I'm hoping that this forum will be able to help me select some workwear for my new job. I am currently working as an engineer in the aerospace & defense industry (hence my handle) and I'm switching into the construction industry.
Hello all:   I am changing up careers so I have to purchase new clothing. As much as I want to wear a suit and wingtips to a construction site, it just seems impractical to do so. I am looking for the trifecta here: stylish, functional, and durable. Here's what I have so far as work wear goes:   Carhartt jacket: multiple interior and exterior pockets, removable hood, quilted lining, and its got these fancy cuffs which keep the cold out.       Red Wing...
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