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Can't trust any of Linda's measurements. I bought a loro piana coat from her, size 3xl and the listing said 46" chest. I bought it because I know I wear 3x in loro, sure enough it arrived with a 26" p2p measurement.
Costco sells men's fragrances?    My local stores I shop at have had women's only. Did get a bottle of Tom Ford Black Orchid there (Unisex scent, I guess?), but finding Creed there....wow, great find. 
 I was trying to think of what shirt would retail for $2K and could not come up with the answer. Of course I overlooked something that I own myself. I have the same shirt in light blue (assuming it's the same). Thrifted before I joined SF, I think. 
I think most people who post here prefer goodyear welted shoes. The tramezza line will get you that, but at their retail price there are better ways to spend your money.    I have a couple pairs of tramezzas that I love, but I got them on clearance. 
Someone beat me to a similar cane last week, except it had a horse head handle. Who knows, it could have been the sword one...I'll never know. He was an older guy and probably had more use for it than me, so I accepted my defeat.    Had it been an umbrella with that handle, then i'd really be pissed. 
 I recently found one that is Saint Andrews. 
If shipping to Australia, is there tracking with First Class International? Or must it be Priority/Express?   I'm a bit confused with the USPS website. When I check the rates for First Class International, it always states "Tracking is not available" but then sometimes tracking is offered (shipping to Canada, for instance). 
 I had a similar one and it was made in USA. The ink on the tag comes off very easily. I washed mine once before getting rid of it, nearly all of the lettering faded away. 
Getting a bit tired of selling ties on eBay and thought I would offer these lots here. 15 Talbott ties.$100 shipped  [[SPOILER]]   Below SOLD  [[SPOILER]]
 Yes, this is my listing. I regret my description now, and unfortunately cannot edit it since there are bids. I should have used bold font to make it more apparent.  My intention is to auction one square, and to give people the choice of their favorite one.  I was thinking of mixing it up a bit and offering two if the bidding reaches a certain amount (say, $60 or so). I think I will add that to the listing. 
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