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I had a OG Supreme camp hat I bought at Buffalo back in 2002-03 for next to nothing. Probably from the early years of the brand as it looked real old even back then. Damn if I had it now, probably worth quite a bit.    We were discussing items that we regret passing on, well I don't have many, but I have a crap load of things I regret selling.
My top 5 are my top choices not because of monetary value, but because I truly enjoy finding nice clothing that I can wear. If it doesn't fit, of course the money is nice, but it doesn't hold the same value to me.   In no particular order - Brioni navy blue cashmere SC - Isaia triple patch pocket salt and pepper SC - Loro Piana cashmere scarf - Brooks Brothers cashmere sweaters in 5 colors - Tom Ford ties   I can't think of anything I've left behind. I know there...
I've thrifted Vegas twice now. First time I found a Zegna suit and a pair of AE shell loafers. Second time (just about a month ago) I found these Santoni shoes.  I know there has to be a taste of the good stuff out there. Just keep up the persistence is all I say. 
Here's a thread first. Found a seven fold tie at my local 99 cents store. They have a small tie section but they always suck so badly. Well this one doesn't. Not bad for a dollar.   
...and now you've pissed off Jompso. Beautiful coat, really. Congrats.
All those are 12s, and fit me pretty well. Already wore those bad boys to the grocery store, got some breaking in to do.  Now what I'm curious about is why the original owner was happy selling these 3 pairs to the shop for only about $20 each. Crazy. 
Some recent finds:   Bloomingdale's merino wool cardigan vest     Burberry     BB Country Club for me, Cotton/Cashmere blend     POP on Alexander McQueen. Cheap true thrift, too.        Military wool shirt. Would love any input regarding age. Thinking WW2? Has some interesting details, an extra piece of fabric that buttons across the front, and extra fabric that is attached at the opening of the sleeves.        Vietnam War era M65 with...
I really did want to keep them, but I thought how that retro version is nearly 10 years old. I'm a big guy and didn't want to see them start falling apart on me, so decided to get some cash while the going was good.
They were a 12, which is my size. Wore them a couple times in the name of nostalgia, but sold them already.
Nike Air More Uptempo. Had these as a kid. Will always love them no matter how ridiculous they look.     Santoni, my only find from a recent Vegas trip. True thrift and damn near brand new, though.     BB "Brooks Storm" jacket       Tod's           This vintage cardigan is available if anyone likes it. Otherwise off to Buffalo.          My second Loro Piana scarf for dirt cheap    '   A lot you probably pass on Paul Stuart...
New Posts  All Forums: