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 Not as big of a deal for dress shoes because a lot of people store them without boxes anyway, but in the sneaker collecting world, this is a BIG no-no. You tape up the box on some Jordans, Yeezys, etc. and your buyer is going to be pissed.  I find it inconsiderate and it would not be out of line to ask for a small partial refund. 
The mind of a thrifter...   Today the San Diego Chargers announced they are moving to Los Angeles, so naturally the first thing that went through my head was "Great, now everyone's worthless Chargers crap will soon be cluttering up the thrift store racks."
You know, I never got close enough to check since this guy was guarding it, but he was with someone else talking about how much he was going to sell it for, so probably original. Oh well...   We all have our great finds and miss out on others. Part of the hobby.
I missed out on an Eames lounge with ottoman this past year. Was $69.99 at one of my local spots. I walked to the furniture section and saw a guy guarding it with is life...no way he was letting it out of his sight. I'm not a huge MCM fan, so I'v tried my best to let it go, but I feel like I missed my one chance to score something like that...kinda sucks.
Finds from the new year (and a few from the last week of December)     I will now have the best shoes when I go bowling. Deadstock from 1983 for $6   These embroidered Skeets seem to do well       Pop on Charvet dress shirt. Damn that cotton is the nicest shirt material i've felt. Only the second Drake's tie I've ever found.           Counts as Savile Row? Looks like they are nearby!     NWT Polo/Corneliani suit. I found one in the same...
My first thrift finds would have been around 15 or so years ago. I would get cheap clothes to skate in. I remember having a lot of Round 2 type stuff. Vintage sports gear, band shirts, etc.    These ties were my first nice classic menswear score about 6 years ago. I kept them all: 2 Brioni, a Charvet and Kiton at $2 each. The Kiton is still one of my favorite ties, a lucky find for a beginner. I remember not knowing of Kiton or what a seven fold was, but I recognized it...
These surface bites can be made to look a lot better without a reweaving.Last year I bought an Oxxford coat with similar damage and fixed it pretty well.You take a sewing needle and lightly pull up on the fabric and make some new nap to the right level of the rest of the fabric. Blends in really nice.
 My answer to that phone call: "Well it depends...do you have a donation of high quality classic menswear or SW&D? If so, then yes this is Goodwill and we pick up donations for free."
Looks like a mandarin collar. 
It's real and it's a thing.   Not like 4 figures Lo thing, but you'll do well on it.    Probably a couple hundred at the most would be my guess, but I don't keep up with values much.    Looks like the knit sweater with that graphic is about a $300-400 piece, so a shirt likely won't go as much. 
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