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RL better not release the crest knit turtleneck. I've been holding on to that sucker hoping it will appreciate some more. Time to dump it?
I'm curious too. The main reason why I left them last night was the style....but then again if someone is a Cena fan and buys them for their memorabilia collection they probably don't care about that.   If they end up being duds my shell find should easily cover the cost. 
 Made it back this afternoon and got three suits.  Design-wise, the suits aren't anything us menswear afficionados would go crazy for. Low gorge, unvented. The jackets are fused.  I also found some Florsheim shell that wasn't there last night, so no complaints here. Looks like this particular suit might be the same one as in this photo.   
Back I go. Hopefully they're still there.
Random question: Saw some suits that belonged to the pro wrestler John Cena. I'm positive they are his because they have a massive drop. Would that be something people would buy? There are wresting fans of course, but not sure if they're interested in his clothing. 
 It stands for Coulda Had A Polo Shirt. I don't know where the demand for Chaps and Polo Jeans Co. came from. Nobody used to want that stuff. Not complaining though, profits are always nice. 
Sure is. M D on the tag = Drake's.
 I contacted Hickey Freeman about replacement sleeve buttons. I sold the coat right after, so I didn't follow through, but they said they would send me some for free. They need the numbers on the tag to find the matching buttons.  My jacket was the newest label, though. Probably no guarantees for older models. 
Curious if these are a thing. Too bad it's not a NOS logo sweatshirt, shirt, etc. Not sure if people actually care about the jeans.      
If you're all about the money, go take them to Buffalo Exchange. They will likely take them if they are not shit quality. I see fake sneakers there often.If that seems morally wrong, I'd put them in the trunk of your car and offer them to a homeless person who looks like they need them.I agree on what a pain in the ass it is selling nikes. The buyers suck and fakes are pretty nice now. When I was heavily into sneakers in the early 2000s it was so much easier to spot fakes....
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