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Well damn me. I only found two Brioni items.      Plus a Paul & Shark collection     Throw in an Etro as well     I thought this was really cool. Vintage Nordstrom scarf with fisherman graphic. Made in West Germany.      Was happy to find these Ferragamo sneakers in my size. Pretty damn comfortable.  
 No way. That tie is a beauty. Well worth $10. & NeedMachine, yeah that's a 5139. Thinking I'll keep it and wear it when i'm feeling extra douchey. I'm terrible at parting ways with ties. It's so much easier to sell when it's clothing that will never fit.
Started out spotting this tie on a belt rack. Looking like someone decided not to get it and left it there.       So I figure I'll go have a look at the tie section. Go figure, 3 more Brioni.     I also see these ties with little fishies so I check those. "Ohh, Ferragamo. Nice..."  Also an interesting woven one.     H print Hermes. "Yeah, throw that in too."     A couple Dildo Zegnas. Also an Armani. At this point might as well throw that in the...
 Once upon a time I found me one of those...Saved these pictures from a few years ago  
Are you passing through San Diego? Size 56C? I just returned that if that is the same one. 
You guys also need to factor in that these shoes are heavily counterfeited. I've lost count of how many times I approach the shoe rack getting all excited just to find that the shoes are fake once I hold them in my hands. Best way for me to distinguish is by the size tag. Similar to suits, etc you start to remember the fonts/styles used on the tags. You can usually tell with the overall quality too, but not always in my opinion. Jordan can make some pretty crap quality...
NWT Polo RL Corneliani suit for true thrift price.     
Not sure on the Corn. label. I thought pretty recent as well. It looks like a suede patch.  
Long-time thrift goal achieved!      I've been after thrifting Loro Piana outerwear for so dang long I lost count......yeeeears  Finally, finally. Enough said     Next day I find these. Another name I've been after for-freakin'-ever: Crockett and Jones. Shoes nicer than AE are pretty rare occurrances here.      Hard to miss this one on the rack. Sweet Trofeo fabric, dual exhaust. Beauty.      Older Brooks trio. Camelhair, cotton,...
New Posts  All Forums: