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Altering the sleeve length is a very common alteration. You want to make sure the jacket length is suitable without any tailoring, then you can always have a tailor shorten the sleeves for you if need be.    This thread appears to cover your concern: http://www.styleforum.net/t/115595/lengthening-a-suit-jacket   I suppose it doesn't hurt to consult a tailor, but if it were me I would most likely look for different suits. 
Finally something nice in the scarf section. $5.50 Loro Piana.     
Thanks, Spoo. TJ Maxx must have got some old stock from somewhere. In the past few weeks the stores near me had some very dated looking ties. 
How old would you guys say this Versace tie is? Just found this in a local TJ Maxx. Thought it was strange to see it there.  
I have a RLPL shirt with similar buttons, although made in Italy. Does the back of the tag read "RN 41381"? That is something that may be easily overlooked by counterfeiters. My guess is it is simply older. 
If you have a Marshalls discount store locally, it may be worth a trip inside. I have seen 1818 suits there for $300 in the past few weeks. This is in Los Angeles, but may be worth a shot on the east coast.
SOLD SOLD SOLD             Please contact me through PM or post in this thread and I will get in touch with you.   Will be shipping through Priority Mail with tracking, signature confirmation, and insurance.    I accept Paypal   I have sold a few items here on Styleforum, several hundred more on ebay under my username "bigtrginsd".   I have been selling online for several years. Please be assured you can expect an easy transaction on my...
Thanks for your reply. I have a few more photos if it helps. I am stumped. I am reading to look at the creases, but these look only worn a couple times so the creases are not very pronounced. Also, looking for a white layer of film, I can kind of see it in little spots, but still not quite sure.        
Can someone advise whether these are shell cordovan or not? Forgive me, but I am a shell newb having never owned any. The leather feels different from my other Allen Edmonds, all of which as calf. Just want an expert opinion. Thank you in advance.    
There are plenty of shoes on that website that weren't on the list that was emailed.   Well I spent enough money so I will hold back on placing another order, but I wonder if all those closeouts on the website are in fact available.
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