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Someone beat me to a similar cane last week, except it had a horse head handle. Who knows, it could have been the sword one...I'll never know. He was an older guy and probably had more use for it than me, so I accepted my defeat.    Had it been an umbrella with that handle, then i'd really be pissed. 
 I recently found one that is Saint Andrews. 
If shipping to Australia, is there tracking with First Class International? Or must it be Priority/Express?   I'm a bit confused with the USPS website. When I check the rates for First Class International, it always states "Tracking is not available" but then sometimes tracking is offered (shipping to Canada, for instance). 
 I had a similar one and it was made in USA. The ink on the tag comes off very easily. I washed mine once before getting rid of it, nearly all of the lettering faded away. 
Getting a bit tired of selling ties on eBay and thought I would offer these lots here. 15 Talbott ties.$100 shipped  [[SPOILER]]   Below SOLD  [[SPOILER]]
 Yes, this is my listing. I regret my description now, and unfortunately cannot edit it since there are bids. I should have used bold font to make it more apparent.  My intention is to auction one square, and to give people the choice of their favorite one.  I was thinking of mixing it up a bit and offering two if the bidding reaches a certain amount (say, $60 or so). I think I will add that to the listing. 
My listing is live. Decided to offer something that would hopefully attract more SF members.   http://www.ebay.com/itm/142041690265?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649  
.Username: Bigtrginsd   NWT Turnbull & Asser Pocket Square (Winner chooses favorite)  
Do any of you guys ship First Class International to Canada? Had a bidder ask if I would do that.   I checked the USPS website and it says tracking is not available, but I feel like I've read some of you say that tracking is possible. Or have i mistaken...
I decided to switch to all organic last year and lost about 10 pounds just doing that. No real changes to my diet. The downside is that food costs more, but I've also found that I am happier with less now. I think it may have to do with all the artificial crap that is in our food. Tricks your brain into wanting more, just a crazy thought. Also there is basically no where you can eat out, if you want to be strict about it. I still slip up once a week or so. I like the...
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