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Largest clothing item thrifted? Well here's mine. Sweet Polo RL Jacket, over 35" pit to pit     Youth Jordans for the small foot sneakerheads.     Some decent records for once. Literally been years since I found anything worth buying.     Countach poster for the man cave. Also a NOS Polo tie, with ancient tag from Ross.     Versace ties     Probably my favorite find out of the bunch. This is an old record featuring sounds of classic sports cars....
Good advice, thanks Snoogz. Thanks also for your input, justridiculous.   I choose not to offer returns, which I'm not sure is the best choice, but it's what I've stuck with for the several years I've been selling. I'm happy to work with people if there's an issue, but damn you can't wait a whole month to let me know there's a problem. That's just silly IMO. 
I sold a skeet shirt to a buyer 34 days ago and just now he tries to start a return. He says the shirt looks a different color, which is BS. My photos were fine otherwise I wouldn't have used them.   Isn't that ridiculous? So I have to choose whether to accept the return or not. Can't I just select the "no" option? ...but then he would open a case, right? If ebay was to side with him after he had the shirt for a month that would be insane. 
A couple of years ago my college roommates wanted to go thrifting with me, so I obliged and had them join me on that day's adventure. The first spot we went to, my one roommate went straight to the tie rack and picked up the most hideous tie out of about 50+ choices. He holds it up so I can see it and shouts, "Christian Dior!" It was a terrible polyester Dior Monsieur. Trying not be an asshole, I just said "Oh nice" or something like that. I forgot about it and kept...
^ Not grail level several hundred $$$$, but yeah I would buy that. Nice vintage piece. 
That just isn't fair on those Marshall's ties. That's a damn steal if I ever saw one. Nice find!   The baller ties like Isaia, Charvet, etc are always $60 at mine.
That terrible feeling when you're waiting for something at Marshall's to go on clearance and someone else comes and buys it at regular price. Shit.....
Paging Fueco (or anyone else that knows Patagonia)    How'd I do? Is this thing really 30 years old & NWT?    
Gents, doing a bit of research on these Brioni shoes I posted earlier. I think they may be made by Lattanzi. I found a pic of some Lattanzi shoes that appear to be the same shoe, but done in croc/gator. Anyone familiar with Lattanzi enough to chime in? Thanks   Lattanzi picture I found online:     My pair:      
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