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Looks good. I've handled a bunch of those bear sweatshirts. The tag looks slightly different from recent Polo RL because it's older, probably 20 years or so.
Earlier this year I remember complimenting one of you guys who found vintage blue chucks. Now I found my own, unworn condition to top it off. Thrift karma must exist!    
That is a nice couch, very classic.   The store ripped me off on this ($30) but I never see stuff like this so I gave in.   Birra Moretti light-up sign:  
Japanese release from 10 years ago. Shoes like this are all about the colorway. This same style in another color may be worth only $40, while others can be a few hundred. Makes it kind of hard when thrifting, you could easily leave behind big profit. Before I got into classic menswear I was a big fan of Nikes/Air Jordans and other sneakers when I was in high school. All that time spent back then occasionally pays off when I find these random sneakers now.
Bought these beauties from Spoo a few weeks ago. Paid for by thrift profits     Turns out these old Nikes are a big hit for collectors. So I basically traded a pair of $10 sneakers for a near-new pair of Edward Greens. I'll take that trade any day.    That is why I love this hobby.    
Nice find. Not my style but vintage Polo Ralph Lauren with the loud graphics is always good money. Lots of guys collect it.
Was thinking the same thing. It is pretty "out there" but I'm quite drawn to it. Will hold on to it for now.
New winner for my craziest tie ever found. The cashier at Salvation Army gave it to me for free. She must have thought it was pretty damn ugly.   
Nice Tom Ford find. Hope it didn't cost you too much. The best feeling is when the good stuff flies under the radar. I lived in Los Angeles the past 2 years and never found a single piece of Tom Ford. I guess I was doing it wrong   
Altering the sleeve length is a very common alteration. You want to make sure the jacket length is suitable without any tailoring, then you can always have a tailor shorten the sleeves for you if need be.    This thread appears to cover your concern: http://www.styleforum.net/t/115595/lengthening-a-suit-jacket   I suppose it doesn't hurt to consult a tailor, but if it were me I would most likely look for different suits. 
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