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I didn't leave the house until 4pm today and thought there was no point in stopping at any thrifts. I stopped at one anyways. The parking lot was full, the place was a mad house, as it always is on the weekends. Everything seemed terribly picked over, but I found these two.            I don't know shit about Julius, so I'm hoping you guys don't kill my vibe and tell me it's fake or some crap. Seems nice enough. The other tag says made in Japan,...
 I'm really jealous of these suits you dudes in MN find. I'm on a bad dry spell for suits & sport coats. The other day I got excited  because I found a made in china BB 1818 sport coat. That's how bad my luck has been. We've got plenty of Hawaiian shirts though. If I liked those I'd be a lucky man. Damnit.
This is awesome, but I don't feel like storing things until fall. Available. Can't find a size tag but it's 23" p2p.      
Our Goodwill outlet is literally a few blocks from the Mexican border. I went there once probably 5 years ago. Walked through the door and saw all these ladies elbowing each other and fighting for every crap piece of clothing. I'm assuming they wanted stuff to sell across the border, or give to family, etc. I stood in the doorway for a few seconds, glanced around, and then hit the road, never to return again.   
NOS Vans Chukka       I don't know chit about basketball besides major players like Jordan. Ebay told me this was a thing. Made a easy $50           I think these vintage Nettleton loafers are shell. Still determining. They look worn once, no visible rolls. Any guesses?   I think rolls are just starting to form? I'm stumped.          More vintage made in USA Vans       These would have been an ultimate grail find if I was still...
Interesting that you mention the Chanel scarf has machine sewn edges. I have one I bought for $2 a few months ago. I assumed it was fake because of the machine sewn edges, but I gambled anyways because it was cheap. I'll have to post it up here for a legit check once I find it. 
If that bag is fake, lord help us.   That thing looks nice. 
I'd pass.    Looks like regular modern 501s. A dime a dozen, really. 
 Certainly measure the sole width/length and try your best to accurately measure the inside length. I did that with some Brioni by Lattanzi shoes that had no size and it was still an excellent sale.  I did estimate the size and put that in my listing title along with half size up and down. 
 That's bizarre. It really does look like SD now that you mention it.
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