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Thought I would share the Aldens I was able to find at Marshall's a couple weeks ago. No shell except for the LHS below, which are sadly too big, but hey i'll take calf! Have to admit, I am bothered when I think about what shell in my size I missed.      Going to part with these if anyone wants to discuss before I put them in the marketplace/ebay. Black shell LHS Sz 13D & Burgundy medallion balmorals Sz 12D.   
 That sounds good. I thought I remembered reading horror stories of people losing chargebacks even when they had tracking? If I lose, I guess I'll be happy it was just a $80 sale. Sucks but could be worse. 
Stuff I found while scavenger hunting:   Zegna 15milmil15 suit. Reunited orphans. That NEVER happens to me, pretty happy about that accomplishment.     Vintage Walk-Over saddle shoes for me. Been wanting another pair of saddles for awhile. Used to have a pair of cream/blue Dexter made in USA, but got rid of them and always regretted it.   And Margiela grey cap toes.  
Someone just filed a chargeback for some Jordans I sold.   How do I win this?   I have the tracking number showing delivery, which I already submitted to paypal. I'm so pissed I didn't send with signature confirmation like I usually do with Jordans.  I think I'm done with Jordans and all fuccboi related items. Hate these kids that buy this stuff.    Would appreciate any advice. First time going through this. 
Entry for the scavenger hunt:   1. 80's Variflex skateboards (posted earlier)   2. 90's Starter Green Bay Packers Jacket. Thing was mint. Usually the material is nasty on these.     3. Decent pair of jeans Shitty week for jeans. Could have cheated and gone to Buffalo Exchange, but kept it honest.  I guess these dark blue Levi's will do.    A damn steal for some Ed Hardy's   4. Video Games I had. I'm only 27 so this was probably easier for me than...
Trying to improve my furniture knowledge. Would something like this be considered MCM? Kind of got that vibe.   
Well I am from San Diego.   I collect Lilly ties because they remind me of my mom. She loved Lilly. Up to about 20 or so, lost count.    I think the only time I've worn a patchwork is to the horse races. I pair it with trad type stuff, OCBD, penny loafers, etc. 
LOL I have three Lilly patchwork ties. They don't see much use, but I like them regardless.   One man's atrocious is another man's cool, I guess.
Yellow Polo coat is usually called a fireman coat. 
 That song plays on the radio often in the thrifts.  My favorite appearance of the car is probably from Paid In Full.   
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