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This sucks. I thought I could thrift after class a couple times a week or something, but nope. In the past 6 weeks all I've thrifted is a pair of AEs and an Etro pocket square. crap.
I'd be real curious to know where that turned up. Never seen Savile Row anything here.Awesome to see that, but makes me miss thrifting. In my sixth week of law school and finding time to thrift is no longer possible. Unfortunately I've been forced to bow out.
Can't trust any of Linda's measurements. I bought a loro piana coat from her, size 3xl and the listing said 46" chest. I bought it because I know I wear 3x in loro, sure enough it arrived with a 26" p2p measurement.
Costco sells men's fragrances?    My local stores I shop at have had women's only. Did get a bottle of Tom Ford Black Orchid there (Unisex scent, I guess?), but finding Creed there....wow, great find. 
 I was trying to think of what shirt would retail for $2K and could not come up with the answer. Of course I overlooked something that I own myself. I have the same shirt in light blue (assuming it's the same). Thrifted before I joined SF, I think. 
I think most people who post here prefer goodyear welted shoes. The tramezza line will get you that, but at their retail price there are better ways to spend your money.    I have a couple pairs of tramezzas that I love, but I got them on clearance. 
Someone beat me to a similar cane last week, except it had a horse head handle. Who knows, it could have been the sword one...I'll never know. He was an older guy and probably had more use for it than me, so I accepted my defeat.    Had it been an umbrella with that handle, then i'd really be pissed. 
 I recently found one that is Saint Andrews. 
If shipping to Australia, is there tracking with First Class International? Or must it be Priority/Express?   I'm a bit confused with the USPS website. When I check the rates for First Class International, it always states "Tracking is not available" but then sometimes tracking is offered (shipping to Canada, for instance). 
 I had a similar one and it was made in USA. The ink on the tag comes off very easily. I washed mine once before getting rid of it, nearly all of the lettering faded away. 
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