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Thanks Spoo. Much appreciated. Brand is Altoramo. Made in Italy. Ever heard of it? I don't see much when searching.
Thoughts on these, embossed or genuine?  I thought genuine because a little bit of peeling on a couple scales, but let me know if i'm wrong Pretty beat up but they fit decent and were $6.      
Block lianlong53464    Doesn't pay. Time waster.    His feedback shows he pays for some items, but others not. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and let him win my auction. Mistake.
That Hermes tie looks good to me. It's a scarf tie, so I don't think the twill direction rule applies, no logo on the back blade, etc.    edit: I just checked my 4 scarf ties that I own. 3 of them are 11 to 5 twill direction, 1 is side to side like yours. Mine are all definitely legit, so I guess the twill direction doesn't matter on those. 
Treated myself to a crap load o' NWT Charvet. I'll probably keep it all because I'm a hoarder. Ties were $25, squares $9. Everything for less than retail of 1 tie.           
Got these Balenciaga Arenas today for $6. Cheapest sneakers on the shoe rack.     
My name was not on that list recently posted, but probably because I joined last minute.   To whoever got me for the exchange,   I favor classic menswear over streetwear/denim.    My sizes are listed in my profile.   I'm probably the fattest guy here, so don't worry if you can't find anything in my size, because I rarely find anything for myself. Accessories would be great if you don't come across any clothing. Ties, scarves, etc. I'll be highly appreciative of...
Just found a Savile Row bespoke suit in my size. The tailor is Brian S. Burstow. But..... the pants have some gnarly stain on the thigh. Like the poor guy dropped a plate of food on his beautiful suit. I'll be damned if I leave Savile Row anything so praying I can clean it.
I've only found one, it was from Coppley. Was either half canvassed or fused, can't remember.  I remember it was a tough sell despite being a nice fabric. Not too many people searching for Robert Talbott clothing, I guess. 
Vintage Polo with big graphics like that duck shirt is generally not something to pass over. Looks like that particular shirt isn't mega valuable so no big deal (there is one sitting on the other site for $85)   ....but if you pass just because it's ugly, then you're likely to pass over others which could go for hundreds. Some of the big graphic shirts like the casino, cycling, etc go for crazy money. 
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