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I had a buddy in college that I would go thrifting with. We made a pretty good team because he wore a small and I'm a xxl. Plus, he didn't care about ties so that was great.    For now I prefer to not tell people I thrift a lot of my items. They can just figure I'm rich  This is a solo operation. 
The Polo thing is a combination of a couple factors.   First you have older guys that have been collecting for awhile. They are hurt that the sweaters they used to buy for $100 now go for multiple times that. A lot of them like to prove how OG they are by trying to school you with their knowledge about items, pricing, etc.   Then there are the younger guys, which the older guys generally hate because they help drive up the prices. The younger dudes usually come from...
 You just reminded me I have a pair of these, except mine are missing the damn bells! Now if only I could find them in my mess of storage before Christmas comes and goes.
It's a BB4. 23.5" p2p I think, if I remember correctly. Only one there that day.I'm bummed it's not a BB5. If anyone finds that in a Marshall's I would be very interested.
If you find flat front Zanellas with no piss stains, you found something as rare as a unicorn. 
Picked up another Black Fleece item. This time I got to it before someone could steal the sleeve buttons out of the pocket like I've been seeing.     
Places are strict with hangers around here. The few times I've seen ones I wanted I had to beg for them to sell them to me for a dollar.    It's frustrating that that they aren't supposed to sell them because they have so many. Much more than they need, i'm sure.
Get out the pocket knife. Slash that shit.   ....Kidding of course.   I have the same one. Was less than half that price on ebay, with vest.    They're crazy.
Undetermined actually. The freakin' size tags on both shoes peeled off! They're a women's colorway. If I had to guess I'd say women's size 9 or somewhere around there.
Well, on Tuesday I was insulted by a woman when I asked to purchase the Hermes ties that she had just thrifted.   I think we could all agree that when you miss out on something cool, the best way to bounce back is to simply get out there and keep thrifting. So I took half a day yesterday and hit a bunch of spots. Here's what I came up with (N/A on mostly everything).   I'll thrift fund my own damn Hermes ties, you rude...
New Posts  All Forums: