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Congrats on that jacket, Spoo. I could tell it was the Ski 92 just by seeing that pic as well.    Very well played. Looks to be in great shape.    Also, holy crap on the prices that one can fetch. I remember when you could ebay one for 300-400, thinking that was a crazy price. 
I once had a pair in this style. They were very comfortable with leather lining and insole. Certainly a notch above any basic sneakers such as Converse, etc. Are they worth the retail, however? I would say no. At a clearance price they are not a bad purchase. I have seen other sneakers from brands like Rag & Bone, Vince, etc that are just as nice quality-wise, and they are significantly less. They are not made in Italy, but I'm not sure if Gucci sneakers are entirely...
Gentlemen, can this type of damage be repaired? Reweaving, hopefully?  
Hoping you'll get her to pass out, then you can snatch the coat.  Bravo. Great tactic.
 When you think about it, that is so stupid on her part. It's much smarter to hide it and have others never know what they missed.  If I see someone with a Loro Piana coat at a store, i'm probably going to start checking that spot more often. She was just creating more competition for herself. Idiot.
 The Beach Boy Pendleton is fire. The only one I've ever cared to keep. AND I thrifted the matching Vans."Back at it again with the Pendleton Vans"  
 If I had access to print my own TJ Maxx/Marshall's clearance stickers that would surely be a frightening test of my ethics.  I actually found these on a trip to Los Angeles awhile ago, which surprised me. I would imagine there would be someone in LA who would recognize Black Fleece and buy those for cheap, but they just kept getting marked down.  Perhaps they were accidentally in the women's section for a long time. I found them on a clearance rack by the front door.
Yeah it's not a total lost cause.  I thrifted a North Face jacket that had a similar issue. The material would flake off and make a mess any time I wore it. I cut the lining open and scraped out every bit of the flaky stuff and now it's a fine wearable jacket. Probably not the same functionality wise, but being in socal i'm not really concerned about that.
 I've learned that the hard way multiple times. Just ended up re-donating because once you disclose that in a listing it's not really worth it.  I would compare it to buying a fused suit that is starting to bubble.You could probably dump it off at a place like Buffalo Exchange. Their workers may be dumb enough to not notice  
Record for most clearance stickers applied? This one has 7.    
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