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Long-time thrift goal achieved!      I've been after thrifting Loro Piana outerwear for so dang long I lost count......yeeeears  Finally, finally. Enough said     Next day I find these. Another name I've been after for-freakin'-ever: Crockett and Jones. Shoes nicer than AE are pretty rare occurrances here.      Hard to miss this one on the rack. Sweet Trofeo fabric, dual exhaust. Beauty.      Older Brooks trio. Camelhair, cotton,...
Member rhz5001 and his eBay store Hand Picked Threads deserves a public shout out.    I sent an offer for a suit he was selling. He sells it to me for less than my offer and includes 2 free ties.    One word: Awesome!
Great find on the Broadstreets. I have a pair from the last 2 for $250 sale they did (wish they would still do those). I actually have yet to wear them and it's been a year or more now, but I knew I needed those in the collection.
Some recent stuff. All N/A   BB 'Sucker   Hugo Boss. Generally not a HB fan, but hey, free money       I don't know jack about art, but thought these were cool. Scenes from different Italian cities, Naples, Rome, Florence, Pisa, etc.    Anyone know what you would call these? Etchings? They're worth big $$$$ right? Yessssss /sarcasm     Big Norman Rockwell print. "The Runaway"     Ferragamo loafers, Magnanni double monks   POP on this...
I've seen some guys that just check the pockets of clothes. Not even looking at the labels or anything. I wonder how often they hit gold.    As far as women in the men's section goes, that generally annoys the crap out of me. Then again, I always check ladies' purses, scarves, etc. so I guess I am just an A hole.
Hey bros, Urban Outfitters is doing their 50% off clearance sale now. I figure we all would agree the clothes kinda suck but I like the sale for their shoes.   I got some converse sneaks for $12.50, hard to beat that. They have some Bass penny loafers for $30, and a bunch of random sneakers like New Balance, Puma, Vans etc. going cheap. 
Only two finds today.  Vintage Polo tie:     Minty unicorn Zanella Todds in navy. Sz 36x29 Available. trade me a tie or somethin' for these     Who knew Zanellas were white inside? Usually the ones I see are a mix of yellow and/or brown.  
Recently had my two best tie sales.  I was debating purchasing these because they were kind of expensive for a thrift. Well damn looks like I made the right choice. Same buyer bought them both.    
I know a lot of StyleForum members talk shit about Hermes ties, but screw that, I love them. I dream of getting stuff like that. Good stuff dude.
Some recent stuff (NA)   Ties:   Loving the Thomas Pink vintage race car tie, new favorite for sure.     It rained J.Crew Ludlows. Got 4 suits and 2 jackets. Already sold 1 jacket   The one on the left has white lining that shows through the thin fabric in pics, the fabric isn't flawed.         Made in Greece fisherman's cap and Ugg leather gloves.   Found some Artioli loafers. Wish they looked better, not a big fan of this style, but pass on...
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