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Hey guys, What do you all think about these shoes? I would have loved something less shiny and a bit more worn looking but these look alright. Was also hoping for the holes or whatever those things are called that are on a couple of the shoes here. Any insight is welcomed. I didn't make the purchase just yet. Also what could I pair with these? I'd probably wear them to church and just casual settings.
I've looked through, zappos, onlineshoes, the list goes on, not really any shoe i am interested in thus far except for one suede brown Chukka. Every other one just doesn't cut it for me.  And I'm not too sure how you guys wear your stuff, how often, in what weather, etc etc but I have shoes under $100 that has lasted me years and i can continue to wear. I rotate my shoes, don't wear certain shoes in certain weather conditions and the such.
I am looking for good looking, comfortable Chukka boots. for the most part i am looking for something on the casual side of things, but want to be able to wear it to church. I wont be wearing it with a suit or nothing to insult the name of proper dressing but i want chukkas. please bear in mind my budget wont permit me to mess around with the likes of meermin and brooks bros brands. i am a college student, with a minimum wage job please do bare with me.   Help?
I'm Sahadoha, not my name at all. Been on this site several times, never really cared to joined, mostly would google a style issue and itd end me up here, reading about some non-topic. I also did see this site linked to the tumble page  I'm into style, A LOT, as a college student, with bills everywhere my meager minimum wage job doesn't really afford me the luxuries. Right now i get by best I can. I got an okay collection of about 30 shoes, ranging...
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