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Peasants, all of them Reds/Blacks don't seem to draw as much anger, but they're not as satisfying.  -I have an MSI as well - does that one have the actual brick for a power brick?
Mechanical keyboards are almost more satisfying to spend money on than clothes.
do you like michigan?
went to popup - they had the fleece that i wanted, saves me some shipping money. rest of the stuff was basic. ocbds, airism T's, supima V's, merino V's, and some denim. also all the UL in the world, in socal of all places. i dont think they had airism boxers, or jeggings for guys though, but ill come back next week. walked out with a new T and fleece, almost with an OCBD. i forgot to ask if they're gonna get more stuff before the actual store   +1 to the SA that...
Anyone heard of Manebi? Real shoes suck in the summer so I'm sticking with espadrilles and sandals for good.  [[SPOILER]]
Should have clarified a bit, I meant if they streamed them on style.com or some other website vs. having to look at slideshows. Ty
Where/How do you watch the shows?
cheap ladies straw hats for the summer
dont have my size on there unfortunately. still worth the instant gratification since i havent bought anything all year.
I went looking for techpack stuff in Chicago and walked out with a pair of these    http://store.nike.com/us/en_us/pd/track-running-pants/pid-726540/pgid-773861   I do not regret it at all.  I do regret not buying 2-3 pairs of flyknits though.
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