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Do you think that the one button peak lapel tuxedo from SuitSupply would work well on someone 6 feet 150 lbs (I'm the same). I'm planning on making it a 3 piece tuxedo by purchasing a MTM vest from BlackLapel. Would the fabric colors match?
Help me!!!     I'm 6' 1" 36" chest 150-155 lbs 30-31" waist looking at the Napoli suit. Which size should I buy? I'm thinking 36R or 38R...     Thanks
What are your measurements and what size did you purchase? I too am interested in the Napoli
I'm 6' 1" 155 lbs 36" chest 31" waist. Which size would you recommend for me from this website,en_US,pd.html?start=4&cgid=Suits  ? Thanks
I'm tall and skinny, so I ended up on this thread. I'm 6' 1" 155 lbs 36" chest 30-31" waist. What size suit should I be buying? I want to look modern (looking at suits). I'm 16 years old so my only previous suit was some Men's Wearhouse 40L which fit absolutely horribly even after tailoring (it was too long, the hips flared out because it was tailored to my waist but the legs were baggy, overall it felt loose).   Looking at other threads on this site,...
I'm 6' 1" 155 lbs 36" chest 31" waist. Which style and which size would you recommend for me? Thanks
I'm 6' 1" and 150-155lb with 31 waist. What is your waist size?
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