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i've just had beer. Well, it tastes good and i really love it
about nearly 3 miles to go jogging in half an hour. i also practise at i think that it's about 5miles on averge. Is it enough? 
Well, try to change some your habits. For example, you can try making friends and take part in many social clubs, so you will meet and talk to many other people who have the same hobby with you. You will never feel boring and depressing any more
21 years old is too late to increase your weight as well as height. However, nothing is impossible. I think that you can play sports more, especially going swimming and you also pay more attention to your diet too. Although the result may not as you hope, it is also a good chance to change yourself
i had a bowl of fried rice that i cooked. Well, it tastes not bad and i also enjoyed a cup of cacao
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