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I would be doubtful on the quality of shoes that are supposedly goodyear welted and full grain leather for $300 US or less. They would have to be made in China for that price and I would question the leather quality. Goodyear welted shoes take a lot of time to make and the materials wise are costly. It is why Grensons, Allen Edmonds shoes are up in the next price bracket.
I can't believe this forum has become all about RMW!    It's a serious fashion crime in Sydney the amount of guys wearing suits with RMW boots! 
In regards to Testo's post re Matador Shoes in Australia.   I have bought two pairs of shoes off them and they are great for the price. They are made in Spain in the same town where Magnanni shoes are made. They are not goodyear welted but for between $199 to $249 a pair they are very well made with full grain leathers, and with leather soles. 
Does anyone of of anywhere that sells Magnanni Shoes from Spain in Australia? I can't seem to find them anywhere here and the only option seems to buy them online from overseas.   Australia seems to have Italian made mens dress shoes available but not much from Spain. All I can find is the L"Stony shoes and they are very old fashioned and something my grandfather would wear!
What blows my mind in Australia is the selection of overpriced poor quality Italian shoes. Just because they are stamped "Made in Italy" has Sydney menswear shops charging crazy prices for mens shoes.
Is there a MeetUp group in Sydney by any chance?
Hi I am Mark.   I am living in Australia having recently returned from living in Europe for many years. Mens clothing and shoes are not quite the same here as in Europe so discovering this forum is a great way to keep up with fashion. Having lived in Spain I love quality Spanish shoes!
The brass nails in the shoe are only for decoration. The best way to make your new shoes last if they have leather soles is to wear then for around a week then take them to a shoe repairer to have the soles covered in a thin rubber sole. It costs about $30 here in Australia. 
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