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u have to wait 2 weeks to receive it then u will see this photo with me in akropoli
niko milas ellhnika? an oxi i just check r. champ and it is similar of this 
no it isn t  its is other brand
be sure of that  pants is on the way to me please wait until i receive it
yeeeeah it is true i m looking for this a long time and know i find it finally
is it so hard to answer on this simply question? i don t undertsand u  do not answer
Sweatpants have straight line But my problem is that I know sizes in cm Don t know about inches So I m wondering that medium very much bigger than small or a little That's my question
does someone know what is the brand of this beckham s zip?  
can someoune help me to choose my size in this sweatpants?   i m 1,70 cm tall i m not fat i m normal 70 weight small has specs waist flat 16.5" inseam 32" leg opening 8.5"   and medium has small has specs waist flat 17" inseam 32 leg opening 8.75   i do not want to be narrow but a little bit wid  what is your opinion
where send me link to see
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