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 I'd be interested. Do you have any pictures of the fabric?
How do we pre-order multiple items? Each time I select one item and click continue shopping, and pick another item, the previous item is not saved.
 I'm a M in Before Dinner and I first tried the size 40(slim) at first. It was a little tight so I ended up sizing up to a 42(slim) and took in the sides with my tailor.  [[SPOILER]]
  Skip the model pics. I'm ready to order, just based on these pictures alone.
http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/pages/size-chart for the regular shirts
I have been meaning to post some fit pics for the longest time.Visited the awesome guys at NMWA sometime in August during my Canadian long weekend. Greg and Kyle were very welcoming and patient for my friends and I. Eo To To Henley [[SPOILER]]  Orcival Long Sleeve t-shirt [[SPOILER]]  ts(s) Navy & Black wobbly check shirt [[SPOILER]]  Also picked up a pair of Lightning Bolt boardshorts and an Oliver Spencer tee but was a bit chilly to take pics.I ended up ordering the...
The ts(s) Green and olive reversible turtleneck sweater disappeared from my wishlist. Did it sell out already?
http://www.nepenthes.co.jp/feature/46/f46.html#prettyPhoto Though this was cool. Videos at the bottom show a lot of FW14 pieces in action.
The underwear looks tighter than i'm used to. Could anyone chime in on whether it is smart to size up or is TTS the way to go?Thanks
^^ Kinda hard to see, but looks cool. Any black watch type flannel in the pipeline? I'm guessing the Tencel/Rayon you posted a few weeks ago did not make the cut.
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