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@conceptual 4est and @gdl203, would you guys take you usual sizes in the Chrono and Present, size IV and VI respectively? Are the sleeve lengths for the Chrono relatively the same as previous iterations?
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 They are a relaxed fit, which I prefer. I am 5'7 and the hem hits my ankle. Leg opening is 7" and they come cuffed. The taper is not too aggressive. I would need a belt to wear at my waist, but I wear them usually at the hip. Hopefully that helps...
I haven't gotten any pics of it readily available, but I did go TTS (medium). From my understanding, a lot of SdC items are sized smaller than usual. Perhaps Greg or Kyle can provide a better answer.
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Can definitely see all the dads around the world rocking this!      
There was a blog post about the trouser yesterday.   I got my tracking number yesterday.
Yuketen Maine Guide Boots (CXL Glace Brown) in size 8.5E. Purchased from The Bureau of Belfast last year. I haven't gotten a chance to wear it and has been sitting in my closet. Had my eye on another pair of shoes, so I'm looking to let these go.   Full album of pictures   Description from TBB:   1. A Vibram Christy out sole complements the dense eight layers of rubber and leather underfoot.   2. A distinctive mid–sole component, constructed from composition...
 Went TTS on the coat (M). One up as usual with regular SdC sizing was too large.
 Haha, was in Montreal over the weekend. REALLY nice city.
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