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 Thanks razl!
 Ahh, that is unfortunate... perhaps working out an option with store credit could be an alternative. As long as the customer does not mind having their money tied to their account.
Sorry if this has been asked before, but are there NMWA gift cards?
Testing the waters for interest. I pre-ordered this lovely jacket from the forum affiliate NMWA. However the sizing did not turn out how I hoped it would. I was a size 5 in last years Clover so I went ahead and pre-ordered the same size for the Memory. I would prefer selling this jacket to someone before attempting to alter it. Description (from NMWA):   This is one of the signature fabrics of the season, featuring a large-scale check in a mid-weight wool with tonal...
 I'm pretty short, about 5'7. For the most part, I wear medium in almost all the brands I own. The clover I own from last season was a size V as well...
 Posted this over at the NMWA thread... I screwed up and pre-ordered a size too large (Size V). Not sure whether to hem the sleeves or not... Otherwise, a great jacket!   [[SPOILER]]
 Thanks @King Calder For the Camoshita sizing, Kyle told me to go for the 48. I'm a 3 in ts(s) and medium in most brands.
Definitely going to look into altering the sleeves. "you'know, gotta support the team".   Thanks for the input guys.
A little late with the summer fit pics, but better late then never... ts(s) - cotton/linen seersucker green plaid blazerts(s) - L-pocket trousers    [[SPOILER]]  Camoshita - Blue pinstriped cotton/linen long kurta shirtts(s) - L-pocket trousers   [[SPOILER]]  eototo - Lightweight shortsleeve tee in mustard   [[SPOILER]]    Stephan Schneider - Memory Coat in Beige Check #teamcheck This is where I need your opinions from you guys... I pre-ordered Size V.I feel it may be too...
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