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Left a comment on Kickstarter. Hoping the Tan Holdall gets unlocked.
Backed Holdall for myself and soft tote for the lady!   Now the wait :)
 I won last months Gallery gift card. Don't think it would be fair to win twice in a row .
 They are awesome Greg   Just picked up my package this weekend. So i haven't had a chance to wash mine yet. I suspect it wont shrink much if you machine wash cold / hang dry. However, I do believe chambray does has a tendency to shrink a bit.
Thanks to @unbelragazzo,@conceptual 4est, and @gdl203's pantaloons advice/help a few weeks back, I went ahead and purchased my first loot of the spring/summer season...ts(s) Cardigan shirt & L-pocket cropped trousersThe pants fit the bill perfectly for the "relaxed look" I was searching for. Couldn't capture the colour of this shirt, but it has a nice subtle mixture of light and dark blue.  [[SPOILER]]  ts(s) Grey melange raglan sleeve t-shirt Love the colour on this...
 I've had my eyes on those ts(s) pants. Thank you for the clarification.
Hi guys, I am searching for a "relaxed" pair of pants that has a similar silhouette to the Sage de Cret picture found in the "makers" page.  [[SPOILER]] I apologize for the dumb question ahead of time, but for all the Rota peeps, can I achieve a similar look with the spring Rota selection or are they a little too formal? Do Eidos also fall under the same formality as Rota or do they have more casual selection?I was also looking at the some Stephan Schneider and Oliver...
 Fabric reminds me of the first iteration of the lounge pants but in grey. These look awesome and I'm down for a pair!
Winter Sleeping Beauties Inis Meain Charcoal donegal Claiochai (stonewall) turtleneck sweater  This sweater is a beauty! I love the stone wall design, as it adds such a nice textured look to the sweater. The neck line is very unique with a loose hanging turtle neck. I also noticed the knitting within the interior of the arms are different compared to the body, creating a more softer and smooth feel. Picked this up from my last visit and definitely one of the favourite...
 From the AW2015 Inis Meain Collection blurb on their site:"This season also sees a continuation of the Claíochaí (Stone Fences) pattern which we developed and introduced in the AW2014 collection, and which mirrors the islands labyrinth of stone fences."Not sure if Greg and Co. will be picking it up next season, but there is a chance...
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