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Inventory has the Golden Bear collab if anyone is interested.
 I don't think the button-front shirt made it to the site. I emailed him a little after the popovers were released and he said he had one medium left. I opted for the popover version in the end, but i'm guessing they sold out through email or locally.
 I'm usually a before dinner, but I tried these in after dinner this time around. So i'm not the most familiar on how these shirts size like typically. In my experience they did shrink, just not a huge amount on the first wash. I have to say though; the amunzan material is possibly my favorite.
 Overall, the shirts did not shrink a whole lot for me on the first wash. The amunzan popover shrunk the most noticeably out of the three popovers I purchased, while the black & white slub and the natural linen only shrink slightly. Having ironed them while damp and hang drying them, I'm not sure if that is the reason they didn't shrink a whole lot. Mauro did mention they will shrink over a couple of washes. I think i'm going to try throwing them in the dryer when I wash...
 I did not notice any shrinkage in my henley. However, a few strands came loose from the trimming on the bottom. Tag said to hand wash, but I put it through a delicate cycle in my washer. None the less, an awesome shirt.
Few of my favorites that I feel are slept on:   Buttero Tanino Low sneaker, China blue canvas and brown leather   Esemplare Navy blue cotton knit "Balhas" T-3 style jacket   Lunettes Kollektion "Jeunesse Toujours" sunglasses in tortoise brown   Heschung Burgundy Mustang mocassin boat shoe on ripple sole   Drake's London Blue, white and green lightweight fish print scarf
 Yup, no alterations needed. Although, I may need to shorten the new over dyes a tad bit. 
 Thanks, it's a very nice shirt for the summer. I'm a medium in all of Mauro's stuff. These are before dinner shirts.I'm 5'7 and 162 lbs, trying to get back to 165lbs.
WvG Buffalo Check w/ Bloodline Khaki Trousers   WvG Summer Berry x Bloodline Dungaree Trousers   WvG Funfetti x Bloodline Dungaree Trousers
New Posts  All Forums: