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 Fabric reminds me of the first iteration of the lounge pants but in grey. These look awesome and I'm down for a pair!
Winter Sleeping Beauties Inis Meain Charcoal donegal Claiochai (stonewall) turtleneck sweater  This sweater is a beauty! I love the stone wall design, as it adds such a nice textured look to the sweater. The neck line is very unique with a loose hanging turtle neck. I also noticed the knitting within the interior of the arms are different compared to the body, creating a more softer and smooth feel. Picked this up from my last visit and definitely one of the favourite...
 From the AW2015 Inis Meain Collection blurb on their site:"This season also sees a continuation of the Claíochaí (Stone Fences) pattern which we developed and introduced in the AW2014 collection, and which mirrors the islands labyrinth of stone fences."Not sure if Greg and Co. will be picking it up next season, but there is a chance...
Finally got around to taking some fit pics of some FW14 items from the great people from NMWA.Visited the shop last month during the long weekend. Did not get to see Greg but Kyle was a gracious host as always. ts(s) Reversible mac coat w/ Monitaly Heather Grey sweat shirt   [[SPOILER]]   ts(s) reversible turtleneck  [[SPOILER]]  Inis Meain Charcoal donegal Claiochai Sweater   [[SPOILER]]  EO TO TO Brown sweater w/ geometric cuffs  [[SPOILER]]  EO TO TO Bison jacquard...
Super late posting some pictures of the winter sweater I received a couple months ago. Love this sweater. It's buttery soft and awesome for layering because it isn't bulky.Kinda hard to capture but the colour is a nice marled maroon and red.   [[SPOILER]]
 Got a confirmation a couple hours ago... I believe it is due to the snow storm in Boston on Mon-Tues. Ordered on Sunday
So conflicted! Camel, Moleskin, or Large Check?
I'm so drawn towards the large check memory from NMWA's pre-order. Not sure if i can pull it off... How would you guys style that jacket?
 I have the khaki trousers from last year. I posted a few fit pics of them a while ago. I feel they can be dress down pretty easily.
Damn Mauro, you're going to kill my wallet with these pants! 
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