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Yes. It is hard. I did go to Uncle Sam's Army Navy Outfitters in Manhattan, and I was measured to be a 40 chest. The person recommended a long or tall peacoat. I'm not so sure if I was mis-measured. I don't want to go for years without a Kersey peacoat, or a peacoat that doesn't fit. Is there a store that can measure me correctly, without having doubts?
Hello. I have a question. I am 6' 3 and I have a bit of a slender build. My chest is measured to be 40. I am having a bit of a hard time choosing which peacoat to go for, since I need a Kersey wool peacoat and I don't want to make the wrong choice to buy. Which peacoat is more...
Hello. My name is Coolman5. I found out about the website from Mr. Peacoat at the fedoralounge. I would like to be open to any help regarding measurements to find a nice Kersey wool peacoat that fits. 
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