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I think these are all Plaid #8 from earlier in the thread.
I don't really feel qualified to answer that. It feels pretty smooth to me. 
Chocolate Reppe and Forest Green Madder.
The reppe is awesome and the twill is awesomer. Seriously. I just got my green madder twill. The pattern of the weave is similar, small diagonal lines, though on my ties they are at different angles. And both have a similar sheen. The real difference is the feel and the drape. The twill is softer and less stiff. The drape is amazing. The three fold twill feels like a much thicker tie. I'll work on some pictures, but the difference seems to be more in the feel than the...
I haven't seen any pictures of the Madder Twill other than the ones on the website. I have one on order. I'll compare it to the Reppe when it comes.
Just placed an order for a Forest Green Madder Twill Solid, as well as some pocket squares and swatches.    As a reminder I've been pinning all the photos that you guys have been posting on this thread to Pinterest. It looks great when you see all of those beautiful pictures together. A few of those pictures picked up quite a few repins, especially this one from Claghorn.   I've also created boards for the large tie images from the Hober website.   (If you're...
I believe that is Plaid #10 which is no longer on the website.
When I was searching for pictures of Hober ties, I found this thread was a great resource, but I thought it might be useful to see most of the pictures in one place. So I compiled this Board on Pinterest. Only a few are labeled completely, and several won't pin correctly, but I think it makes for nice viewing.
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