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Nick was exceptionally friendly and helpful. Our interaction only reinforced my belief in supporting family-owned businesses. We exchanged a couple of emails. The summary of his recommended treatment for the Morley brown model is as follows: -For regular maintenance: Brush them to clean them. If you want to condition them, neatsfoot oil is your best bet.-If they get dirty or salted: A soft, damp cloth and a brush will take care of most of your cleaning. Diluted dish soap...
Sorry. Didn't mean to mislead. I was thinking lining in terms of fur, wool, or some other non-leather liner at the top of the boots.
Thanks for the reply. Wow. That is a marked difference. Makes me think twice about this.   I wonder what happens to them over time if I just rely on the original wax from the factory.   I don't mind avoiding using these in the snow/salt. But I do want to be able to wear them in the rain. Any idea?
Hey guys,   I've searched this forum and others high and wide, and I can't find any advice on how to treat the Horween waxed flesh leather on the brown Morley 1000 Mile boots I just purchased.   I live in New England, where the rain, ice, snow and salt take a heavy toll.   I know that this leather was originally used on military boots, and the soliders who then applied lots of wax, so I was thinking about using Crane's Sno-Seal+hairdryer method. I don't mind the...
Not sure what the Board's policy is on naming ebay sellers, so maybe this will get deleted. But I just bought a pair for cheaper than that from a seller named officer101. They're great.  
Yes. They are.
What are folks' thoughts about the new Essex collection of Horween vegetable tanned leather?   The natural color looks amazing to me. Thought this was cordovan at first glance, but apparently not.   Any recommendations on how little or much care one would want to put into the shoes to develop a nice patina?
The Zug, And thanks for the info. Not sure I'll end up with them. But didn't even want to consider them if they're not going to fit.
 Considering an online purchase of these boots in the 64 last. I'm a solid 11 in Alden Barrie last. How do you (or anyone who cares to weigh in on this) think an EG UK11 on a 64 last would fit me on these lasts?
Thanks. I just did.
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