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Thanks. I just did.
Does anyone here have any experience with the Morley model with the napped side of the leather on the outside?   I'm also wondering how one would treat napped leather, and how it holds up to the elements.   Thanks!
How can I find out which tailors in my area use Ariston fabrics? I live in Boston and am interested in a tweed suit.
First pics on the forum for me, so I hope these are okay. The dim lights in my hallway don't really do the color justice, as they are bluer than they appear here. And they're so comfortable, it feels like I'm walking on pillows. You can already see where they're molding to my feet after a day of pretty heavy use.  
Just got my ranger mocs in Parisian Blue and they are amazing. I can't recommend the color enough. It stands out just enough without being obnoxious.   Two questions:   - Do folks recommend using shoe trees with these? - What products, if any, should I apply for protection?
I was skeptical about the fit, as I'm not a super-slim guy. And I assumed these would be the shirt version of skinny jeans. But they're not. They fit true to size. I'm a 16.5, 35, and they fit like a glove, but give room for motion. Frankly, I look better in these shirts than anything else I own. The lack of billowing is so good, it's almost off-putting at first. And the fabric and stitching AND COLLAR are much more than I expected at this price point.   If you're in...
I've been planning on buying a pair of Baxter Ranger Mocs. My head says to buy them in brown, but my heart screams Parisian Blue. Unfortunately, buying both is not an option right now. I'd really appreciate some opinions on the versatility and upkeep of the blue.   1. Casual versatility: I know I can wear the blue with jeans, khakis, chinos (army green, tan, grey), my Nantucket reds, and summer shorts. I can also wear them with varying shades of cords (tan, cranberry)....
Unless I'm missing them in the summary, I'm surprised by the lack of NOLA listings here. I only travel there once in awhile, but George Bass is one of the most beautiful menswear shops I've ever seen. It's a small shop of impeccable quality. They're incredibly friendly, informative and generous with conversation and restaurant recommendations.   And Rubensteins's is the definition of a classic American menswear store. Have an Abita while you shop.   While not a full...
I have tobacco-colored suede BB (Peal & Co.) shoes that I need to protect.   What waterproofing/protective products are recommend that will not change the shoe color? Also, any recommended techniques?
If you don't get any takers and would accept offers, please let me know.
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