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I'm hoping that you all could give advice, suggestion or opinions on Dragon Inside versus Suit Supply.   I'm looking for a starter piece to a new wardrobe. It would be the first suit so a navy or charcoal and would get semi-regular use of about once a week, or a few times a month. Just looking for something that will work for client meetings, business meetings, conferences, etc.   They both offer a basic suit (the Napoli line at Suit Supply and a basic navy/charcoal...
My shirts always seem to billow around the waist and in the arms. So, yesterday I picked up a slim fit shirt that seems to fit much better. However, I have a question about the fit.   The shirt is certainly much snugger, which is what I was going for. It doesn't billow nearly as much. However, if I cross my arms like I'm hugging myself, it definitely tightens in the lats and across the back. Is this normal or too tight?   Thanks.
I need to upgrade my wardrobe. I haven't had to wear suits much in the past several years, but am needing to do so much more often these days. I need to get a few. I went shopping yesterday and decided to stop in the Neiman Marcus that happened to be on my way (with no intention of buying there). However, I tried on an Armani Collezioni suit that looked at felt really nice but was far more expensive than I want to pay. I wasn't looking for Armani. The salesman suggested...
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