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Akeen. This looks kind of strange. What is the last? The proportion seems off..... The color is not great either. I think your shell boot looks much better. How much did you pay for it?
Larryr how much did you pay for those? They are aeesome!
Pacific Time... I think
Navy works really well with denim..... A man should have Navy shoe in their collection..... I hope you guys agree.    
I got it from freeman sporting club and I wear Barrie 9 and same as viberg size 9. This is 2030 last.
JIt is latigo leather, robust tannage similar to chromexcel. It is cow hide with a smooth texture.
1940 Navy service boot
 Your math is also off.  I got this Carmina shoe for $370 in the recent sale at Paul Stuart which is 42% lower than Alden's shell price.  You might say I am not comparing apple to apple.  But my question is why Alden never go on sale and restricting their retailer to discount the shoe.  It seems J.crew / Alden are buying up all the shell and driving the price up.  Is it legitimate for a single company to control all the shell supply?  Btw the quality of the Carmina shoe is...
I am pretty new to this forum.  I recently bought this pair of shoe from Paul Stuart and wonder if it is made by Alden.  Is it Cordovan burgundy color.  Can anyone help me out?  The strange thing is the quality and finishes look a lot nicer than Alden tassel loafer.  What brand would it possibly be?     Thanks!
Hold on. Before we take $1500 out of our pocket. What make viberg so much more special and 2x the price of an Alden or Crockett and Jones cordovan shoe??? Is it even true?? People it is your money!!!
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