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Always cool to seeing that Pasha Chrono Dino!
I find that Moser Mayu one of the most amazing watches in it's class/style.
[quote name="Keith T" LesMust, I wrongly figured you for strictly a Cartier collector. Lovely JLC.[/quote] You're very right Keith T, I am a Cartier guy, since many years actually, but I do appreciate some models by other brands as well, like this Reverso, The Royal Oak Dino posted the 100th anniversary with salmon dial and I am sure some others as well. But cartier it is for me, you were right.
Hi NoFrills, Thank you for your compliment about the article! Cool that you read it. Navy blue would certainly match this Reverso very well and better than this dull black croc. I have on order, from Jean Rousseau in Paris, a very dark green calf strap. When it is ready I will post another picture here.
A watch I bought earlier this year, the Reverso by Jaeger LeCoultre. Wonder what you guys think of the red dial. Before I bought the watch, I was afraid that it was hard to match with suits and shirts, but it is actually an easy color to wear. I did an article about he watch, with some more pictures with different outfits. It's a model from around 1934 and actually only beefed up a bit, to...
Another timeless watch since the very early twenties is the Cartier Tank. Even today the Tank is an ideal watch for any occasion. Tank Americiane one of the later creations is probably the most popular among man, due to it's size and appearance. The design comes from the more slender Tank Cintrée, for those who are interested in the differences between the two, here is my article about these two icons. Hope you like the various watches I pictured in...
This week I was swimming with my black Santos carbon in the South of France and found it very exiting to see the watch in the blue water. First time I had a swim with a watch that had no steel bracelet I wrote an article with pictures and tips about it, which you can find HERE The things where you really have to think about are not different for other watches. don't do this with your dress watch. GEO
Senetor Sixties is is such a cool watch! Beautiful re-issue, stunning dial, no date and a great movement. Love that watch. The Chrono version is of course less dressy, but also incredible nice.
Do you also know who produces these RL timepieces?I do not know anything about their production and just assumed it was Piaget.
@ RSS Nice is indeed a beautiful city, as is the whole coastline in the South of France. I am not French myself and only live there since 5 years now. But if I am honest, I prefer the US for living. Ralph Lauren and Richemont. That surprised me too. The RL watch line is pretty cool. I think they are made by Piaget, but not sure. @ dreamtripper That big Rotonde de Cartier watch, was if I remember well around 27000.- euro when it was released in 2006. So not as bad as you...
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